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I’m kicking off with my very own Samus sprite:

It needs less cartooniness, but otherwise, me likey.

More contrast, more shading, more detail.

The usual? :stuck_out_tongue:
Alright, I’m on it.

I’m aware she’s missing her arm >_>
Still needs:
Arm (and fixing up of the arm cannon)
Shading on the not torso
Maybe some details?
Whatever you guys say.

I’ve decided to stick to these colors, even though they’re still not perfect, in the hopes that she’ll look better shaded.

PS This is the MP samus, based on the cover art, in case you couldn’t figure it out.
EDIT: She badly needs shading and outlining.

Looks good and I keep trying to make mine as good as the samus that P2D team made.

Credit to MH for making a Good Samus Aran Varia suit sprite

Give credit where it’s due: the P2D team didn’t make that, MetroidHandler did. :smiley:

Oh so MH made that he good I wish he give me some hints on making a good sprites.

just keep practicing and you’ll get better!

on topic : looking good for a start, Timaster. More shading and details! dont forget the green circle on the back of her hand.

She hasn’t got a hand to put the green circle on, but I’ll remember it when it comes.

I already mentioned shading… but what other details does she need?

in between the lower > upper legs, make it darker. same for upper arm > shoulder pad.

i mean, you have to edit in the shadows or its not really that realistic.

That’s part of shading, but I’ll keep it mind. You’ll see I already did it for the chest.
I need to fix up the shoulders a bit more… and add the arm XD
I went back to the old shoulders… shaded everything, and fixed up the arm cannon.
This is probably my final edit, not counting the shoulder lights, unless there’s something glaringly wrong with it.
EDIT: Screw the lights. I can’t get them to look any good. So, that’s the final version, unless there are any complaints.

That’s really nice. :astonished:

The legs should definately be much longer though. Average female legs are actually twice as long as their torso…which also needs to be a little bit longer. =P

Excellent detail and shading otherwise, which the visor could use more of on both accounts.

The arm cannon’s shape is pretty strange, and it looks quite flat. You should have the light emittence in a vertical line down the entire thing, With high contrast. It should narrow at the middle by a pixel, where you can put a few horizontal lines in. (Not too noticable) with no change in shading. Close to the left edge but not enitrely there should be the darkest shade, much darker than you have on your arm cannon anywhere.

The arm cannon should also start up higher and end lower, in other words it should be about 50% longer.

Okey dokey about the proportions, okay about the visor, and I’ve taken in the arm cannon info. That was one of the things I kinda did in two seconds and didn’t go back to it at all :sweat:

I’ll have it up by tomorrow eve, if I get around to it. Maybe today.

Looks great, and how do you like this typing skills?

It’s an improvement. :smiley:

They’re readable, at least :wink:

About that edit that I’ll have up, I won’t have it up. I’ll probably be gone from P2D and AIM and computers in general for a week or two, or more. :O_O:

Hey guys! Lets go to P2D where everyone makes at least one Samus sprite! But seriously, that arm canon(uh oh) looks like a pistol. To small.

That sprite is really good, however, it seems too small to be used in… anything (not that many sprites made here are actually used, they’re just for fun coughDazcough :smiley: )

Well, I never made one at least… but then again I hate Samus in general. xD

I like the space pirates to, and I like Samus. The ones pirate and Chozo I don’t like is Dark Pirate Commando and Chozo Ghost there simmilar the way they attack the way they fade and go to another spot and attack again.

You thought I was dead, didn’t you?
How terrible of you.

That same ol’ Samus that you remember so well, now with longer legs.

Me, with really fat lips.

Something completely new, and my first attempt at something truly 3D.
a) Don’t criticize this. I know it’s ugly. It only exists for the purpose of being turned into a (semi)awesome work. It, by itself, sucks, and was made in approx. 30 seconds.
b) “Well, then, why bother posting it?” Cause I have a question! =O The reason I made it ugly, is because I couldn’t get any lineart to look like… anything. With this, at least you can tell what it’s supposed to be (at least, I hope you can. if you can’t, we’ve got a problem) That’s when I realized 3D =/= 2D. So, the question: When you’re making 3D-looking sprites, is there anything drastically different from 2D sprites?
In case you’re not even sure what I mean by 3D and 2D: 3D = has bends and curves and corners that turn back into the screen, beyond just spheres and whatnot. For instance, Final Fantasy 6 espers. Of course, all sprites are 2D, and they all are intended to look a bit 3D, but FF6 espers are the kind of 3D I’m talking about.
I have a vague feeling I’m not making any sense. In which case, just forget the third picture. You can comment on it when I make progress on it.
EDIT: That picture of me I cheated on. I needed to make a MySpace pic, but I didn’t want to post an actual pic, so I took one, and traced it in PS. So… it’s not like a self-portrait or anything.