Timmehboy's sprites

So? What do you think? Took me a while for the ship… :O_O:
url: http://host-a.net/timmehboy/mp2e_ship2.bmp

Uh… try using a file service that doesn’t suck.

Also don’t use BMPs. PNG is best if you have Paint, GIF if you have anything better.

ship is good, exept from the black things on the underbelly. they are pillowed.

Just cause I’m a nice guy.

Nice shaping, but the whole thing’s shading needs major work. The light source is too centralized and boring, and the bottom parts are, as mentioned above, completely pillowy and blargh.

Also the bottom black things just look out of place. They seem too big and bold compared to the ones in the games.

It’s MZM shading goddammit! I could have done better shading if I wanted to :imp:

Whoahhhh there, Silver! Calm down boy!

Also, I disagree, because ZM’s shading didn’t suck. >_>

Dang, someone on some hot ice.

Thats all it looks good but needs more work on it.

Erm, sorry dazuro for getting all annoyed… it’s just that it took quite somme time to get exactly the right shape of that ship. I should also apppreciate critics from a spriter of your calibre or of redhalberd’s. Dont worry, I’ll reshade the whole thing and integrate those cushions into the main body. I don’t know if you’ve been on metroi fan mission, but a guy released a thardus sprite made up of a black and white version of those asteroids in SM at the beginning. That’s laziness… though he’s still well done.

Btw I’m finishing off the shading for the ship, guess it looks better… I’ll send it when finished.

Just to let you know, freaking out when people give you critique on your work lowers your respect points by 10 or more, depending on how bad the situation is.