Timmeh is down

It seems he can’t be trusted any more. In an attempt to break back into SCU, he was trying to manipulate our logs and get CFX demodded here so he couldn’t do an IP check, and it was this big complicated thing… so to save me the trouble of fixing his mess, I just took away his ability to make a mess to begin with.

Blargh. So, we now need a new moderator. The staff will consult on this shortly.

WHHHAAATT??? I dont beleive this. He was such a nice official russian dude. He even offered to help me with photoshop. This is bad, very bad. Why not make me a mod…J/K, im like member number 2 million, and cant take orders 4 crap. But i just dont beleive he would do such a thing.

[color=blue]Mod Abuse,eh? looks like you guys had trouble there back in SCU.

You mean Timaster,right? Because he’s the only one who is named “Tim”.[/color]

What has this forum to do with the scu forum anyway, what the hell was he trying to pull of here?
Anyway, this is not tollerated at all, he’ll never be a mod again.

Further punishment will be decided shortly.


BTW, I recommend Troid
He’s a good man, and doesn’t have any horrible motives.

Oh, and just so ya’ll aren’t too scared: I’ll be back if the whole SCU crisis blows over.

Probably. You never really know with Dazzy <_< Then again, we’ll have a new mod by then, and I won’t be needed, and I’m not particularly interested by this whole mod thing.

Anyway, since Daz made me seem like a terrible person, I’d like to explain:
I’m not really a corrupt mod the way you think of corrupt mods. I don’t have anything against CFX personally, I don’t have anything against any users, and were I mod, I still would (and did, as far as I could) treat everyone equally (unless they were a mod at SCU as well as here <_<). I just scared Daz with a plot I suggested, and he, being the responsible admin he is, had to take away my mod powers.
So don’t think of this as though I’m suddenly a terrible person. I still love you =3

Very interesting, big time so he’s been doing some bad thing its not like him.

Destroyer F:

Basically, he wanted to keep CFX from being able to see his IP here, so he made some comment about de-modding CFX, making a fake group so we wouldn’t notice, and deleting the logs. Then he started threatening me. So I took him off.

However, I made it sound worse than it is in my initial post. He still did a good job as mod with things he actually DID do, and I don’t know if he’d actually do this, but I did what I was obligated to considering the risks. No hating on the Tim for this, please >_>

Ah, im still not sure exactly what he did, or why he did it, but your still a cool guy tim. I may have lost a little respect for you, but that can be regained, and i hope you stick around. And yes, troid would make a good mod. He knows what he’d doing.

Meh, screw respect.
I tend not to give a damn what other people think of me.

I’ll definitely stick around if I’m not banned. And I won’t be banned. This definitely isn’t a bannable offense.

Hey, i didnt mean that harshly. Were still cool, right??

Contradiction anyone?

Anyway, if you think I need to be a mod in this forum to be able to iptrace you, I laugh at your useless attempts at stopping me, but whatever…

You wouldn’t need to IPtrace me if you didn’t see my IP in the first place.
Trust me, CFX, I took your 1337 haxx0r skills into account as well.

As for the contradiction, you’ll notice I put the word “personally” in there. I know that you don’t need to be a mod (you’ve made ZERO moderation changes) and probably wouldn’t particularly even care if you weren’t a mod. If you did, I’d be far more hesitant. The truth is, my plan didn’t really hurt anyone too much, it only helped me.

It just happened to be WAAAAAY against the unwritten rules of modship.

…i recommend you dont pick me…but…you didn’t need help with that one…didya? ,lol

Misuse of mod powers is definatly reason for banning. You did your mod job well, but you crossed the line. Trying to mislead mods and admins, even if it’s not such a big deal, means you cannot be trusted. And if you think CFX is the only one with tracing skills, you’re totally wrong.

You get suspended for 2 weeks, hope you’ve learned something out of this. You’ll just be a team member after that.

There are other way to get back into scu, I know Mills can be way to strict, he propably banned you for some stupid reason, but that doesnt mean you have to come up with plots and stuff. Don’t involve this forum next time…

Actually, that one’s complicated. No one knows why he was banned, and without the old forum, they can’t get logs. They also never informed him, leading many to consider it a very unjust ban.

Doesn’t excuse what he planned, but still.

He plan something and had this forum in the plan aswell as scu forum, And we will never know how he was banned in scu forum.

Wow, thats just wrong. Even he doesnt know if he’s not to blame.

i think its a conspiracy…someone knows something…but…we…are just kinda clueless, and someone out there is holding back…

…anyways, its only like 2 weeks from here, thats not so bad (for here), and elsewhere, i have no right to even speak, thus, i will not.

Quoted from REDHALBERD (Emphasis mine)

“Wow, congratulations on locking 2 threads already. Could you lock one of mine, there in the progress section. BTW, abuse…is good .”

End Quote.

Way to make a mess :frowning:

Are we sure he was banned from scu, or was his account simply deleted?

My account was deleted for some reason after this whole changing of the forum address or something