Time Left when you beat Dark Samus the last time?

How Much time left?

  • Under 10 seconds
  • Under 30 seconds
  • Under 1 Minute
  • Under 5 Mintues
  • Over 5 Minutes
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I only had 8 seconds left on normal! 2 words “HARD MUCH?”

What! geez and I thought 3:20 seconds was not a lot of time…

I forget how much time they give you total but I can usually beat her in 1-2 minutes… so whatever that leaves me with…

Honestly that is suprising! On normal you get 8 minutes

… That`s not counting the 45 seconds you need to get out of the Fortess.

45 seconds?! Jesus, that’s slow. :astonished: 20 is easily possible if you don’t screw up the initial screw attack.

Ya, i get there fast, but if you are fast you can even stop for a quick save i think?

I was just guessing havent played the game in a while. Anyway, no you cant stop for a quick save the save station is down.

I had about 40 seconds left, but back then I still sucked…