Post any finished tiles for P2D for the masses to enjoy!

I guess misc. things like chozo statues can go here, too.

A stunning display of activity from Timmeh.

Actually, I was just looking for a way to announce that I’m back, for a while, at least.



It’s about time. :slight_smile:


<_< >_>

Err… I mean, welcome back! <_<;

Well, I’ve gotten a whole lot better at making graphics, so can I try creating some Magmoor Cavern tiles?

“but zomg u hav 2 post FINSHED tilez!!!”

Lol, well I couldn’t find another place to post this. And besides, as soon as I finish the tiles, I’ll edit the post. There you go. Finished tiles. :slight_smile:

One more thing; if there already is a MC Tileset, I’ll just make some more tiles anyway to add on to the sheet. The more the merrier XD

I’ll get right to work on the railings(SPELLLLL???) that goes with that.

Is this good so far?

My mouse is messed up, so it takes forever to sprite. <_<

When I get another, I’ll make the tiles look a little more neater.

Here’s what I got so far.
The system for pole arrangement is in line with the second purple pice of the connector.

I added a little 3Dness! :smiley:

I’ve been working on this for a while:
What’s “this”? Well this is this!
It’s one of those platforms in the Phazon Mines where you fight Invisible Drone.

Dead link’d. >_>

Also, that ‘3d railing’ one is unusable. Where would Samus go? You can’t put her between the two. >_> You need to make the railings separately, so we can place them on there that way. :stuck_out_tongue:

… Wait, since when did they HAVE railings? I’m not accusing you of lying, I just don’t remember that. You sure?

Very sure. Just played that part. Well, it does depend on what part he was talking about. Like at the very beginning, there aren’t any, but all of a sudden, there starts to be railings in the later rooms. No joke.

EDIT: Hope this works:

Might look better on a white background:

It can easily be made smaller if you want…

The light also has to be added during programming, or else Samus is going to be in front of the entire thing or behind it.

…And just so you know: Making small little things seperately is a large waste of time. If you are going to work on random things, have a large sheet with multiple things.

Oh wait. I can’t do that because the program I use, Pixen, slows down if you have too many pixels in an image because it’s a pixel art program, not like MS Paint.

When you said light, you meant the blue platform thing, right? I made the glow using different oppacity. You shouldn’t have to change anything.

The glow effects are done by programming. Not sprites. And if Pixen sucks so much, then, um, just use Paint? Also, that’s completely unshaded. :neutral_face:

There’s a reason I wrote that there. Those are like, the Beta versions. Pixen doesn’t suck, I just have a limit to how many pixels wide and tall I can make an image in it.
Can’t use Paint, have a Mac.
About the stuff done in programming, fine, whatever, do what you have to do in programming.

Well if you are doing one small thing at a time, why don’t you finish it in one 5 minute sitting, instead of making versions? <_<;;

EDIT: Wait… we aren’t working on anything that isn’t from the frigate anyway. >_>

Then I’ll get to work on some Frigate stuff. Oh wait, I alteady started some random frigate stuff.

Pixen use a lagre amount of the memory in the computer. I have 1.25Gb RAM and it works perfect for sprites and animations.

Can you make animations in Paint?
And that formats can you save your images/animations in?

Pixen have a lot of neat features that Paint never will have. Is’nt Paint dead?
I don’t think that it has been updated since Windows 95.

The tile-view is great.
Just enable it and see how the edges connect woth each other. And layers are good if you want to animate sprites.

(Buy a Mac and) Try the software!
If you buy a new Intel-mac, you will get a machine that also runs Windows faster than a real PC. :smiley:>

Uh, no, Windows XP has a new version of Paint. They replaced transparent colors with the ability to edit png’s. It’s not really an improvement, though.

That I seriously doubt.

It’s a fact.
Just Google some, and I’m sure that you’re going to find some tests and facts.
The Intel-based Macs are faster than any Windows-machine.
Well… the G5 Macs are also faster, but they can’t boot Windows.

Why am I always off-topic? :confused:

then use paint net