Tile Artist/etc NEEDS WORK

Er…sorry guys. I posted my topic somewhere else without seeing this area.



Excellent tilesets!

Would you like to help our project?

I can see you like alot doing tilesets… so you could help on the tileset of different areas of the space pirate frigate.

Would you be able to?

Yes, I’d love to help ^^ But…just one problem. I dont have a copy of Metroid Prime with me, and I know you guys are shooting for accuracy, and I dont have a lot of visual aid to help make it look like MP.

Of course thats not gonna stop me from trying. xD

If they quickly assign you the tiles (like…within a few hours) I can get good references for you.

Well, ive been trying to get the style down, and im coming along slowly but surely. Right now Im working on chozo ruins exterior. Even if someone else is already working on it Im still getting the style down, so its all good.

Yep. I’m workin’ with him over AIM, he’s finally starting to get the style down xD

Well, those look really good. So good luck on making it in the team. I bet you will