Three Metroid Flash Games

If you go to you will see 3 metroid games.One is called Metroid Genesis.Another is called Metroid Elements.The last one is called MegaMan Vs Metroid.All these games are fun. :smiley:

Edit:I just found another game.Here is the website
Hope you like it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Megaman VS metroid is the best one, IMO.

Uproarously fun game, all right. Must try those other two games. Thanks for pointing them out!

And… ahem Speaking of Mega Man/Samus crossovers/fights here… points to own signature

cough <_<


Actually, this is relevant because that Mega Man vs Metroid game is what inspired the comic. Heh.

That Elements one is very… bad. Samus like… jumps around instead of smooth movement. She… teleports. :smiley:>
The Genesis one is okay…

I like Metroid Genesis it was fun :smiley:>

I feel stolen from. :stuck_out_tongue:

(see link in sig)

You know… has at least 10 Metroid games and 200 Metroid movies (but a good half aren’t good)

Hmmm. Yours looks cooler. What with the sprites and all. =D

:smiley: A fan!

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Can i help with spriting? Of course… I’d try my best…=D

Heck, yes! Got MSN, AIM, or Yahoo?

MSN. just guess what my address is! XD

Done so and added. Mine is, so’s you know who it is when added.

Back on topic… All of those games are very fun I’ve played them a few months ago. My favorite one is obviously Megaman vs. Samus.