This may be as good as a real video game or better

Ok. When I first saw this fan idea I thought ‘they’ll never finish. Everyone has ideas like this but they never finish.’ And I thought this would be another crappy fangame. But this was way…way…way…better. When I first tried the demo I was overjoyed. I now cant wait for the game to be finished. The graphics, controls, and all around animation is amazing.

Just for a demo im impressed.

If this was a real video game i’d yell at anyone who’d give this game a 9/10 to move it to a 10/10.

I just cant wait. So keep up the good work…but just dont make us wait 20 years. 8)

that part about waiting another 20 years sounds about right >_>

they’ve been working on this for like a year and still dont have the frigate demo done. i think its cus of lack of programmers and other jobs.

more like lack of time…

And because gamemaker absolutely sucks for making advaced games…

Amen brother! The GUI Programming and Scripting really makes you think of how to add function “x” to your program. But it is still easier than C++ or the rest.

some games suck so much… crazyfrog racer and pokemon to name a few

p2d wont, coz any metroid game is brilliant

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If you had switched to C++ earlier in the development, you would have had many more programmers, myself included.

I tried earlier to help, but I couldn’t work around GML’s little quirks, plus school got in the way…

EDIT: OMG it just occurred to me, School’s out!!!

if a person can use c++, they can use gamemaker, it all borders on logic

But they are’nt compatible.

I know AmigaBASIC and Applescript. Does that make me a GML expert?

I was getting a little mad that nothing was coming out but i think you guys should be very proud of the work you have done. It has the metroid formula and is very fun. good work!

I agree. :wink:

I just beat the third demo and if thats what the whole game will be like…im willing to pay you people just to play it, like an arcade machine. Though I cant im still really happy.