Things 2 do

There are some irritating things in the latest demo:
//Sprites-> -The parasite queen containers (room 10 and 12) seem out of place… The shading on the metal rim is too light, and the parasite animation quirky and too heavy. There are also the orange data panels, they are just terrible… Container n?2 has a strange perspective, and the beastie containers just aren’t like that…
//Music-> -Excellent, though after loading a save, both musics play (save jingle + bg music)… I’m sure that’s no big deal.
//Programming-> -Very good programming, though the injured space pirates don’t get hurt from behind…
//Overall-> -That lift… It’s floating! Maybe a support or something making the position seem more natral might be good…
//Requests-> -Maybe a load/save cutscene please 0.0, walking space pirates (ACE!), more background detail, and, of course, the BOSS!
PS: If you have difficuties in programming, my brother can help you. He’s good at GML and starting to learn C++ and HTML. If my comments seem quite hard :sweat: , please don’t take it badly :laughing: .

Yeah, I’m kinda bothered by my difficulties shooting the turrets and pirates. The charge beam delay is so short that it frequently stops me from firing. I also can’t aim diagonally while in the air. I don’t know what it was, but something prevented me from destroying the debris in the room after the first injured space pirate until I left the room and re-entered. One more thing: shooting space pirates or turrets directly frequently doesn’t work (ie. from directly beneath a turret). But this should probably go in the Demo topic along with all the other glitch reports.

Yeah, I hate turrets. They don’t take damage right. I also agree that the charge beam should be fixed.

Shooting overall is frustrating. I can’t hit something without firing it five times (the debris obstacle especially)

I agree, it’s too 3D.
Redesign things to be more 2D.

It’s all very good wishing something was so, but members of the team might need to react, maybe confirm that they are modifying the engine by posting a dedicated topic for updates, glitches and news. Not just a general section. It needs to be more specific. You need to be closer to the forum members, giving more information. That way you’ll get direct feedback from them, and that is handy.

I agree with Timm about the “keep the general members updated” part.