They HAVE to remake metroid 2.

I think that after the prime series is over, they are kinda obligated to remake Metroid II. Not many people had the chance to play Metroid II, and not many people can today since its a gameboy game. They remade the first Metroid and I don’t see why the would remake the second, using more themes from Metroid Prime since they gatz that now. I’m sure it wouldn’t be an exact remake, but with new stuff thrown in.

Sure. I mean, what were the pirates occupied with while Samus was blowing the Metroids off of the face of the planet?

YES REMAKE MII! That is the only Metroid i have never played and i would be very interested in playing it.

That would be totally awesome. I havent played it either (welll, i did, but that was before i knew metroid)

They remade Metroid 1 with Metroid Zero Mission, so they really should.

A map and locations of the Metroids would be nice…


but talking about SM… forget it, no one will never be able to do anything better than that… is just the amazing game ever

yeah, i agree, metroid 2 remake would be awesome, i feel like im missing something…

Your chance to play MII might be thinning. Big N’ decided not to include hand-held consoles on the Virtual Console (the thing that allows super-backwards compatibility). I suggest you buy of eBay quick.

…No one was… talking about SM…
If you thought Metroid two is super metroid… it’s not. That’s why it says “Metroid 3” When you start it up.

You’re right, they probably won’t ever do anything with it. Well, they might re-release it, like they did/are doing with the Final Fantasy games.

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Sorry, sniper, guess I’m just blind. I pay very little attention to the topic description.

I believe this was under the topic title…

If you want SM remade your lucky day is when the Wii gets out. Wii Virtual Console only supports “good games” but SM was very popular and there are high chances SM will appear on the Virtual Console.

there has been tons of requests to nintendo and topics about this everywhere ive been but it seems nintendo doesnt plan on remaking it just yet. Landing a copy of M2 or SM is hard to do nowadays. but they couldnt really remake SM. not enough to make it a better game experience. its colors and quality was really high when it came out, and its still not that bad. if Nintendo remakes M2 then they really should put in a MAP for god sakes. but i dont think the locations of metroids should be included.

more like a sensor… that finds metroids in a distance of 30 metters, that would fit good

i would remake it myself if i had played it :frowning: , oh well

Ive got a great idea!! How about P2D turns to M22D…AGAIN. We could improve the graphics and stuff. It wouldnt take near as long as this game. We’d just need some metroids, enemies, and a queen. Then some cheap enviornments.

Uh, I have a filling that they whant do it that lets just let Nintendo make the remake for gba or NDS in 2.5d as the mario game they made for it.

And the P2D team is to much occupied by making Metroid Prime in 2d and they still are working on the space pirate ship. sprite, background, object, maps and other things as well.