these cool things im getting, or i should be.

im gettin these cool shades, in the shape of the metroid prime 2 echoes visor, with things on the inside like missle number and energy tanks… like this:

or this might work


OOOOHHH! Very nice! Where did you get it from? eBay?

…that…is super geeky…yet…somehow i am envious…

actually, im gettin them custom made, for 50 dollar. they should be about 2 weeks until there here.

Is it actully real? :confused:

What do you think?

yes, its real.when i get them i will post picture

Wow… So basically, you spent $50.00 on something that’s completely useless? Seeing as I can’t imagine anybody actually wearing that in public.

lol, or made 50 dollars, you can win 100 bucks for being on ripleys (most stupid inventions…EVER) lol…im…serious…

ONLY $100??? I’d expect more…

that is really dorky…

What can it do?

I don’t think it does anything…

no it dosent, but it wud look kool to see every thing through samus’s visor… nearly go them

you will not be able to see it through samus’s visor, as your left eye can only see the things on the left of the “interface” and the right eye can only see the things on the right. and, because u can see both at the same time in prime, it would look nothing like aran’s visor. for ppl that can actually make sense out of that say “I” or “Eye” or “Aye” or whatever u want >.>

aye for sure. these are the kind of thing that you see on the internet, and say “hmm. cool.” but you would never actually wear if your not in a carnival.

id totally wear those in public every day just to be wierd