There is a virus on the loose!!!!

I jsut got the notice that there is a virus on the loose! Read this ALL OF IT and protect yourself spread it to friends and family this is important

kk, i will tell all that i know, i hate it when this happens.

when i find out who made this virus i will kill them I MEAN IT! THOSE TERRORIST MOTHERFUCKERS!!!

Whoa shit man!!! Thanks, ill forward this to everyone i know.

It’s a good thing I got here in time, apparently McAfee discovered it yesterday, watch out people… it may be fake, but chances are its real… but still you have to watch out…

Nope, it’s not fake. I googled it, it’s apparently very dangerous. But i think it was discovered last month. Luckily, i always delete mail from an unfamiliar source. But if it’s as dangerous as they say, i feel bad for anyone who’s caught it.


ima check my email now… wait… maybe im too scared… oh I DONT KNOW ANYMORE!

As I said on SCU, this is hardly credible. A virus that destroys your entire C drive? Pfff. That letter tells you to shut down your computer if you get just the email, without even OPENING it, and then send the message to everybody you know 25 times… It’s just spam, seriously. And Googling it will most likely bring up a bunch of forum topics like this one where people actually buy it. Sorry guys, it’s just not real, or if it is, this letter exaggerates and does an INCREDIBLY poor job of making it sound real.

Why are you using Windows?

why the hell do u use linux?

hah u do dont u? am i phycic?

No. I use OSX, and it’s based on the Mach UNIX kernel.
I had a PC that died last year, and I had Linux on it. So now I’m a OSX-only user.
And I have an Amiga, with OS 3.5. But I will not have any windows-crap in my house.

the only problem with that is most of the games and software is made for windows, so u cant really do that stuff on linux/unix sub-derivitives (in ur case)

Yeah, there tons of more games for Windows computers, but more software? No.

uh… arent games a form of software? >.>

There are lots of viruses that “destroy” the C drive. All they have to do is clear the MBR, clear the Table of Contents, or repartiion it…

And Butch… Windows has more software as a whole, too. Technically, I alone have made 240 Windows programs.

I can run Linux, OS9 and OSX software.

Yes, games are software, but there are much much more software in total for *nix machines.

Anyhow, id take this virus seriously. Just dont open it. They didnt say it could infect unless you open it. I read some articles on google, and people claim they got it. Anyhow, brilliant choice of title for a virus. The one email that everyone would open.

<.< umm ok.

I never thought this would become a war-thread… and yes there is a virus that CAN destroy ur C-drive…

we all know bin laden is behind this. i am now scared to open email incase it fucks my laptop. im gonna buy like 20 cds and put all my files on it just in case… anyway, even if it is fake, wach out. this kind of terrorisim makes me VERY angry. if i ever meet whoever made this virus, they will die.

Meh, if bin laden was behind this, then he truly is a genious. But i doubt it, tons of people would do this. Though it could easily be a member of Al-queda.

BTW, i dont mean to compliment bad people, i just have an appreciation for good ideas.

I never open any email that I didnt expect…

Yes, but games are the only important software.