The Works of DeProgrammer

I like to play with dollies!

No, but seriously. Here’s a Samus doll I’ve been working on (on and off) for many months. I’ve probably put about 15 hours of work into it so far. (Note: Base is edited from one at the Doll on the Hill Factory.)

Older Christmas version:

And here is a bloody golf club. One of my friends gave me the line art (sans detail) and wanted me to shade it and add the blood for her.

Here’s a package-wielding girl I made around Christmas. This one is a Xandorra’s Place base.

( ImageShack provided hosting. )

thats realy good. You had the avatar of the christmas version of samus but why is it that its just being posted now?

Someone told me I should post 'em. I never thought about it before.

And this was based on a doll? Did you make the whole thing on the comp or did you draw it out first then scan it?

Not bad. Not bad at all. In fact, you should do more of those. :smiley:>

They’re not based on dolls. My dolls are based on other people’s…bases. These are essentially big sprites.

…you scare me…no offense…but making samus dolls and bloody clubs, lol…heh…gasp hides under chair :smiley:

you like hiding under that chair dont you.

its my favorite hiding spot, what can i say?

My friend asked me to make the golf club for her. Who am I to say no? :smiley:

The Samus doll was originally for my Rocket Soldier: Samus project. She is constantly running throughout the whole game, so I thought I’d make a doll of her in a running pose as a special feature. But the game is essentially cancelled (though there’s an excellent amount of it finished, just not story-wise), although my Samus still gets better all the time because I like it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and I’ve got an update on that doll.

Updated first post.

nice. very nice.

New: I edited two Hunters to make Dark Hunters. Weavel and Sylux were sprited by Metroid_Zapper, then I modified 'em to make Wheeavel and Syklux. :stuck_out_tongue:

they look very…fruity…

too much pink, maybe?

try more black/purple stuff

I don’t like the way purple turned out, but Sylux was meant to be darker like this.

better :slight_smile:

Yeah, way better!

I 3rd that.

lol, are you still keeping that, ‘k’ in sylux :stuck_out_tongue:, I dunno why you keep it there, so I said, ‘syk’ (or was it the other word)doesn’t mean you gotta change it :smiley:> wait, you said it was cause I said syk right? right?

Yeah. If he looks syk, and I need a mutated name for him, then by all means, I’m goin’ for Syklux.