The "What are you playing?" Thread

It’s a reasonably safe assumption that everyone here is a gamer - so what are you playing right now? How is it? Do you recommend it?


Just Cause 3. I recommend it because it is pure awesomeness.


Monster Hunter World, amazing game for those who love loot grind and deep combat.

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AM2R. then again, more then half the time I’m playing anything, it’s AM2R. I love this game.

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I started Min maxing in TES IV Oblivion recently. It’s tedious, but somehow gratifying. Hopefully I’ll start the main quest soon. Would I recommend it? Yeah, I think it’s a happy medium between the complexity and depth of Morrowind and the easy to access nature of Skyrim.

Warframe, its like fucking crack
Monster Hunter World, really good, but better with people
and Secret of Mana, didnt age well, still fun

SimCity BuildIt… on my Android phone… and my old Android phone… and my laptop using two instances of Nox. Haha. I think it’s more fun than the standard sandbox SimCity games (as you have more resources and currencies instead of everything revolving around Simoleons), but I’ve always loved Maxis games.

I’m trying to minimize my gaming right now, because having fun sucks what little willpower I have right out of me, but previously I was really enjoying Dirty Bomb (free-to-play first-person shooter on Steam), Don’t Starve (dark sandbox survival), and Planetary Annihilation (real-time strategy in which you can literally blow up planets).

I’m assuming Planetary Annihilation : Titans, right? I’m terrible at the game, but the aesthetic is so refreshing in it’s simplicity, and I love the Supreme Commander style economy.

Been playing a lot of Throne of Lies recently. It’s a social deduction game available on Steam. Kind of like a suped-up Town of Salem. It’s pretty fun, but I’m still really bad at it.

I did play the Titans, um, expansion a little bit, but it’s really not worth considering a separate game. :stuck_out_tongue: Planetary Annihilation and Supreme Commander are both spiritual successors to Total Annihilation, and that’s where the economy system came from, but Supreme Commander was made by the same guy who designed and programmed Total Annihilation. There are so many good things to say about Total Annihilation versus all other RTSes that had been released by the time it came out–I’d call it a technical marvel–but StarCraft’s unique “perfectly imbalanced” races, spells, and upgrades made it a more interesting game in the end. It’s too bad neither Supreme Commander nor Planetary Annihilation added in any of those great design elements that were missing from Total Annihilation–they basically feel like the same game to me, except being able to go to multiple planets and blow them up is awesome.

(I spent a lot of time playing and modding StarCraft and Total Annihilation back in the day.)

I was one of the original PA backers, yet I have played depressingly little of the final game - never even bothered linking it to my Steam account in order to get Titans (iirc for free). Personally I prefer the SupCom and PA style of RTS versus that of Starcraft - I have a lot of fun with the macro focus… and at the end of the day I play games to have fun, not to be competitive.

As for the most recent game I’ve played… well I play very few games, honestly. My schedule is just insane. Wolf Among Us was probably the last, and it gets a strong recommendation. Aside from that… Do Rhino/Photoshop count as games? :stuck_out_tongue:

Late to the thread.

I’ve been getting back into Baldur’s Gate (never got very far when I first purchased it). This time I’m on the enhanced edition, and I paired it with the “Enhanced Edition Trilogy” mod (plus a few other recommended mods) to combine BG1 and BG2 into a single, shared world map (including all expansions), with character and balance continuity across all chapters of both games. All of this was super easy to install with Big World Setup (and modmerge to unpack the Steam version of the expansions).

If you’ve never played a classic cRPG, or if you enjoy Dungeons & Dragons, or even if you’re a fan of Bethesda RPGs (Elder Scrolls, Fallout), I’d definitely recommend installing Baldur’s Gate and using Big World Setup. The enhanced editions + BWS’s recommended community mods fix a lot of the original version’s rough edges. Or if you’re interested in a modern revival of this genre, I’d recommend Pillars of Eternity.

Let’s dredge this bad boy back up.

I just finished Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I put off buying it for years because of the scathing reviews it got, ultimately grabbing it for $5 this Christmas.

I went into it fully expecting to come out pissed off at Square/Eidos based on the reviews, however I’ve come out of it pissed off at the fanbase for killing the series. This game is a work of art, with so much love and effort put into it that it’s absolutely incredible. I literally have save files in certain areas just so I can go back and enjoy how beautiful the game is. From the level design which has an insane number of branches, to the interwoven story and the diverse side quests, to the fantastic music. It’s a complete package, with sharp gameplay that rounds it out a lot better than that of Human Revolution (which I also loved). Steam shows me having sunk 35 hours into this one playthrough, and I know for a fact that I didn’t do everything there is to do (although some of that is likely due to me not being that great of a player :stuck_out_tongue: ).

You can tell that they listened close to criticism of HR when designing MD, as all of the biggest complaints (at least the ones I know off the top of my head) have been addressed. Responding to the complaints of how bosses were a paint point in passivist runs, there is now only a single boss, and it can be handled non-violently. Instead, now there are multiple “boss encounters” which can be played out entirely through dialogue, if you so chose. Gone is the heavy-handed gold filter (which I liked, honestly), although there is still the hint of it. Combat has been beefed up considerably.

If you passed based on the reviews, I strongly recommend picking it up (even not on sale). I found this game to be an experience that very few other games hold a candle to.

Is it possible to play it like a stealth game? I’ve been looking for a good stealth game to dig into for a while after exhausting MGSV.

Definitely. They even give you bonus XP for making it through missions without being spotted.

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That sounds great! I’ll have to pick it up sometime then.

Playing through Sam & Max - Hit the Road again.
So, when I finally have some time to play a game chose a game I’ve completed 30+ times even though I have over 400 PC games I haven’t played yet.

It still is one of my favorite PC games after all these years and I recommend everyone who hasn’t played it yet to give it a try.

still Warframe lmao

I’ve been playing The Messenger on Switch. It’s really not the best game ever, but somehow it triggered my completionist instincts so I’m 100%-ing it. The new Link’s Awakening is next on my list. I have time for like 1 game every 2 months ahaha.