The weapons sprites

Here we shall post ideas for weapon shot sprites.We will also vote, so set an HTTP link for your sprites.The one that gets the most votes will be most likely to be in the final version. To get my Hyper beam sprite, go to\metroid.

AHH MAN! I just realized, are we going to have fuzed weapons? Or a switch thing? And I think we could just use the kind from the other 2-D games, no need to over do it.

No. No. And no.

THIS IS PRIME 2D. THIS IS NOT “RANDOM VAGUELY-PRIME-LIKE GAME IN 2D”. If it wasn’t in Prime, it isn’t here. We are not adding beam stacking. We are not adding classic beam styles. We are making Metroid Prime. -_-

And Poyger, this topic is completely uneccesary, so…