The Warnings

We’ve developped some rules about warnings, so you better behave nice. Some of these rules are vey strict, but we want this to be a nice and clean forum.

The rules:

double posting: +10% (you can double post when there are no replies in 3 days.)
advertising: +10%
spamming,high number of useless posts: +20%
not reading the rules: +20% (so if you misbehave and say ‘I didn’t read the rules’, you get an extra warning for that.)
flaming: +30%
sprite stealing: admitting +50%
sprite stealing: not admitting: ban
linking to warez, roms, serials, porn,…: ban (you can talk about it however, but keep it nice)

If you’ve reached 100% or more, it’s game over…
We will lower your warning level afte a month. If it hasn’t been lowered by then, contact an admin by pm.

Shouldn’t a link to porn be an immediate ban? I think that it would make sence. And what about banning someone for a certain time and then later unban then if they didn’t try to make multiple accounts to get back in?

Yea, make sence… I’ll change the rules a bit.
You mean suspending right? We don’t do that here, once you’re banned, you stay banned.
You got to behave on this forum.

So once we get up to 100 we get banned and cant
visit the site anymore? Or do you get a warning when you
got 100?

… It’s 100 warnings. What the heck do you think that means?

is there any way to lower the warning

It goes away after time, assuming behavior improves.

WHEW thats a relieve!

I know i probably shouldent post here, XD but is like extreme use of profanity liek in a big long string able to be punished?? just wondering. kuz i kinda cant control my fingers. :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Anything excessive will be deleted. There’s an edit button for a reason. If your tourettes or whatever your excuse is kicks in, just edit it :stuck_out_tongue:

K thanks daz. Just wanted to know.(i like your sig its cool)

how long does it have to take before you can double post?

3 days or so

I thought it was 5 days. When did that rule change? :confused:

I see I got a warning for triple posting… oops :blush: Well, anyway, the warn got counted twice.

The rules rules! ummm… Stupid saying, when i think… :confused:

I think spam should be +10%, but only when it has below relevance to the topic. I’m getting sick and tired of this. :confused:


Topic: Sun exploding
Reply: I wonder what kind of tie I should wear to work today…

Just encase you’re wondering, I’m not pointing at you, Zolizzo.

We can’t check everything right? Click the report button if you see anything like that.

BTW about your warings, if it still hasn’t been lowered after a month, contact an admin or mod to lower your warning level again.

Yeah it’s been a month and my warning level hasn’t dropped.

Speaking of warnings, I double posted and never got my warning up…

Not that I want a warning, …

but just trying to be honest :smiley: