imagine, Wii, Ds, Xbox360 and PS3 all together! imagine the games there would have…imagine’s wow!

that would be nice but with DS… I dunno

…This topic is kinda pointless.

We can all imagine, but I was at least expecting a picture.


or… xbox 360, ps3, and Wii all in a handheld! now imagine that, including, of course, backwards compatability with all previous systems including the NES!

but…imagine the price tag

im imagining… $9.99?

im imagining…$0.00?

thinkss about it being -$9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999
That WOULD rock!

thinks about WINING $999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

i hit the

Im imagining some price close to 442$

Lol. Probably somewhere about $2000. No offense, but this topic seems kinda…noobish.


Imagine a combination of spam, stupidity, and pointlessness, all together! Imagine the posts there would be… imagines shudders

It probably costs at least one lecture from a mod/admin. >_>

If you’re going to be in a topic as spammy as this (especially if you’re the creator), at least contribute something and give something for people to discuss, or else it’ll just stay this way, with lots of people spamming randomly about prices, saying the same things over and over, etc. A humorous picture of them mashed together, a humorous picture of them mashed together-making contest, asking how it would work and which ones would go where… At least previous consoles and costs were brought up, but that’s kind of failed now. So now it’s just boring in here, with everyone being silly and stupid (no offense) and nothing interesting happening. Yada yada blah blah you get the idea. <_<

So anyway, let’s all try to create pictures of the ultimate system or something to see if this topic should stay open.

Edit: I’d make a creation of my own, but my attempts at making it look better than atrocious are failing badly. >_<

I find that Nintendo and Sony should join. Because the games of Nintendo and the graphics of Sony those combined, it would make a great system and good games.

or sadly enough. microsoft will enventually get there whole world domonation thingy and buy out nintendo, then everyone will own what ever console they make with nintendo’s inavation and characters, and they’d be able to mix halo and metroid or what ever. and sony would just get run over by the gaming jugernaut that is microsoft.nooooo i dont want em to take over the world…

Nintendo has lightsabers though. Don’t get it? You should have seen G4’s E3 2006 then.