The Ultimate Gaming Debate

What is the “best” gaming series

  • Metroid
  • Halo
  • StarCraft
  • Custom Robo
  • Zelda
  • Mario
  • Pokemon
  • FF
  • Star Fox
  • Doom
  • Megaman
  • Any Other Favourites
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i hope this will turn into a great topic to discuss all gaming and a great place for debating opinions! :laughing:

Donkey Kong…Armored Core…Bomberman, Kingdom Hearts… Bah. Megaman is best anyway. Metroid good and cool< megaman hard and good and cool! :smiley:

thanks for voting
i’ll keep that in mind just in case i make another poll :wink:

… Warcraft, anyone?


Tie between Kingdom Hearts and Xenogears/saga.

Kingdom Hearts is a cool game and i can’t wait until Kingdom Hearts 2 realease

I can’t decide. There are too many categories I like.

my favorite categorie is platform because i like platform :smiley:

I like all games…Except for the unbeleivably bad ones…cough( barney and friends) I played it for the genesis (crys at how gay how gay he once was.) :cry:

Pokemon! Though the story might not be great, the detailed statistics and moves and variety and just plain coolness make it a great series.

pokemon…good times…good times. It was a uniuge spin on the Rpg series. :smiley:

If I could vote for more than one, it’d be a tie between Metroid, Sonic The Hedgehog, Doom, and Starcraft. I love those games! Now, death shall consume you, evil forum! -Casts spell or something.-

oh wow
there seems to be alot of games i’ve missed
i can only have so many as you might know
i plan on making many more cool polls in the future

You cant put everyones fav game on the poll. Even if you have unlimited choices, You dont know what games people like. :smiley:

:slight_smile: Barney! j/k
Too bad Pokemon has basically collapsed…

Metroid Rocks!!!

Not surprising, given the forum we’re on. :unamused:

lol i had a good feeling metroid would be the best seein as how this is a metroid sit
METROID RULES!!!:metroid:

you should add resident evil

There is an “other” option… BTW, you can’t edit polls.
And Pokemon still pwns j00.
DOUBLE POST! :whack: