The TroidEngine Project

However, I would like it to be :slight_smile:
Is the latest build. It’s a GM project, designed to be open source until V2, which has just passed, the fact that that is a .EXE is a long story, and anyone who wants to can see the .gm6 or k.
Anyway, the TroidEngine project (or TE) is going to be a final engine, and a level editor, but it’s not at that stage yet. I would, however, like to direct some questions towards the GM portion of the P2D team (E.G. not CFX):

  1. Your scanning system can locate points inside the triangle, mine only does straight ahead, what sort of system did you use for that detection.
    2)Do you like the current TE build?
    3)any bugs?

I realise that’s only one meaningfull question, but that’s what you get.

Actually, one more Q, which you don’t have to A:
Will you EVER release the GM source code, so no-one need ask, ever again!
I ask because I’m sure there are one or two things I could learn from it.

I think I read somewhere that the source code will not be released.

I have a far better method than what the current P2D demo engine is using: The distance-between-point-and-line method.
Expression (VB syntax): Abs(A * x + B * y + C) / Sqr(A ^ 2 + B ^ 2)
If you know how to get the equation of a line into “general” or “standard” form (ie. 2x + 3y + 10 = 0, or with variables rather than random numbers, Ax + By + C = 0) you can do it. Just slap in the coordinates of every scan point and find which answer is the smallest. It doesn’t detect the closest scan point near the middle, but rather, the scan point nearest the middle no matter how far away Samus is. Of course, you could find a good magnitude by which to bias closer points (ie. multiply each answer by the distance between you and the scan point divided by 320 before you check which is the smallest).

Also, I’ve read in at least 20 places that the source code will not be released. People should have quit asking that ages ago.

I wasn’t asking if the source could be released!
I doubt there is much I could learn from it, anyway.
I’ll try and figure out your code, Mason, do you want credit?

No, thanks, it’s all yours. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know who would even want the P2D egine anyways…

I actually agree with that. The P2D demos lack… that ‘spark’ that makes things fun. It’s hard to get, and easy to lose, but I think P2D has skipped it alltogether.
Don’t say that it’s just a demo, either, because the demo’s of other things ARE fun, I’ve spent far to long on some demos, and P2D is not one of them. I dunno, maybe CFXs engine’ll fix it, but I doubt it.

But it’s not even a demo. >_>

Well, it is, but it’s not the “full” demo to the end of the Frigate. The one with, you know, walking and jumping Space Pirates, pretty backgrounds, a PQ battle, cutscenes, a full escape sequence, grappling points, and tons of other features that made Prime’s Frigate sequence awesome that haven’t been added to the P2D demo yet.

Another name for that “spark” is simply “fun”, and you’re right, it has been skipped. The focus has been ironing out glitches while other members work on the resources necessary to make it fun.

Yeah, I suppose. But I’ve learnt from my experience that the funspark, as I’m going to call it, is so easily lost in so many ways. One example, one of my early-ish games, written mostly in crappy code and DnD, was where you were a very poorly drawn stick man, who fired an unlimited stream of bullets at the mouse. Jumping was a case of y-=5, so you had to hammer the up button to jump. You eventually god hyper weapons, that made it easier for a while.

I then decided to remake it, with new skills. It was basicly the same, but with better graphics, better physics, and smoother gameplay all round. It lost the funspark, and everyone said they would rather lay the original.
(99% of the people in that story were unknown to me, just facless avatars on the information superhighway).

So you can loose it, and I think it’s hard to get it back. The original physics demo for P2D had it, so did the weapons demo. I have likely spent more time/filesize on them, that the beta builds. While I think P2D could get it back, it seems unlikely now, as I’m sure there is little new blood since the fall of SCU. You should post a topic on the GMC or something, or 64digits, I’m sure there are some who could help out.