the trade-off

nintendo doesn’t seem to be coming out with too much new stuff, in fact, many gamecube games are left as simply the kiddy games that come out (nothing againsts E games like zelda, but you know what i mean), so i have decided to switch to an xbox360 from the cube (friend has a cube, so if need be…), xbox360 has some really good games out right now, and from what i have seen, some really good games in the future, not to mention that ps3 is far too much $ for me to buy. so what do you guys think about the xbox360 and the future of nintendo gamecube and the wii?

i remember someone traded his xmas presents for 360 stuff.
i played on my frind’s 360 the other day, and we played Prey, with the aliens and the guns and stuff.

Hey, if another ignorant person wants to decide Nintendo’s kiddy, I’m all for it.

It just means he’ll stop buying them. More awesome games for the rest of us.

well the thing is my friend still has a gamecube, and it isn’t kiddy games that bother me, it is the LACK of good games, in fact, very few games have come out for the ol gamecube recently, and a lot of good games have come out for the xbox360, it just seems like a step up (and also, by kiddy i meant the many games based off of movies aimed at younger audiences (which of course doesn’t mean they are bad), but the games simply are not life changing or anything. you have to admit, nintendo has not come out with many games recently, and many games are lacking in quality (not all, but quite a few). now, i have been with nintendo (and sega) for awhile, it just seems like they aren’t making many games.

Well, there are uh… 3 new consoles out?

I dunno if you noticed, but all the games are going to be directed thataway. Why would they make more GC games?

Do you see any good Xbox 1 games coming out? How 'bout PS2?

its another one of those “grass is always greener on the other side” dealies. you go to microsoft platforms, and once you get there, its usually going to be similar to the situation that you had with the nintendo platforms.

yeah, but for the current time, i am in great lack of good games to play, and since i know there are some good games on the xbox 360 to keep me awake for countless nights, i would like to go with it, it has been a long time since i was able to do that, and as much as i like to replay some of the golden gamecube games (and n64 as well), i just feel that the 360 has some good content to offer, so why not give it a chance?

So does the Wii. Plus it has the virt-con.

I have a Wii and 360, but it seems I have been playing the 360 a ton more.
Why? There is a wide selection of good games out there, so you never get
bored of it. It seems after I beat Zelda the Wii has been gathering dust in my room. Im npot saying the Wii is bad, but Im just waiting for the good games to come out for it.

On the other side, the GC sucks major ass. They never had any really good games
for it (MP does not count), and I heard Zelda would be the last GC game.

SSBM. Nuff sed.

Too true. Let’s also not forget Soul Calibur II (GC had link, owned :smiley: )

there are plenty of good games for the gamecube, its just that i have already played them over so many times. really, it just seems a question of “which system to upgrade to?” and of course, an upgrade is needed. the choice is really of two (ps3 too expensive), the wii, or xbox 360, and really, at the moment, the 360 has more to offer (yes, it has been out longer, but that isn’t the point, the point is it’s content NOW, because who knows what the hell could happen years from now), really, virtual console offers little to me, i still have sega genesis, n64, and a snes, so i have it all already. now, do i want to get a system soon that will have some good games in the future, but little out now that i would enjoy much, or get a system i know has good games coming (trusted series dont fade much for me), and has content i can pick up right now, and enjoy right now.

Smartdude, save yourself 150$(or more. not sure on price of 360) and buy a Wii. Sure, no good games are out right now, but within 2007, Super Smash Bros. Brawl is coming out, Super Mario Galaxy is coming out, and Metroid Prime 3 is coming out. Just give it a little while. In the meantime, why not play some of the older consoles for a while. I played Duck Hunt last saturday, and I loved it! Some of the classics never get old. My freind and I played Super Mario Bros. as well, and we both had too much fun. Just give the Wii some time, and you will get better games for less $$$.

If you are really bored of console, go PC gaming. Buy some upgrades (because I’m sure you have a Pc, just not a good one) and start playing Half-Life 2/Supreme Commander/Wutevaulike. PC Gaming might have taken a plummet in 2006 but that dosen’t mean you will get crap.

yeah, i play world of warcraft, but console gaming is just different, yaknow? you get to play with friends and stuff. plus that feeling you get when you pop a game in a night and start playing it (back to the n64 days), ah, the memories.

Man, just go buy the 360. I busted my ass triying to buy a Wii only to, well… watch it gather dust <_< Not that it’s bad, but you should definately get a 360 before the Wii, it’s well worth it. If you get one, see you online :stuck_out_tongue:

btw my gamertag is Metroid Zapper =)

yeah, i have been waiting to play splinter cell online forever, when i got the cube version of the new splinter cell, they rubbed crap on a blank disc, called it a game, and immediately sold it to me with a smile on thier faces. sigh, i really want to play the good version of splinter cell.

the good version of splinter cell is in the PC, any other version is a “want to be good” version of the game…

Hear hear. Really the ONLY good stuff comin the 360’s was is Halo3 and Halo wars (those WILL be also on PC)