The Team List

Since the team topic on SCU is long dead and hasn’t been updated over a year, I decided to make a new one here. This will be the official Team Sign Up topic fo the P2D fan forum. There are a cuople of rules you have to follow if you want to join the team.

1: First of all, you can’t just do whatever you want. You can only join these teams:
(Mods and admins can update this list if nesesary)

-Tileset designers
-Tilemap Designers

  • Background designers

-Programming: you’ll have to ask CFX first if you can join.

2: If you have picked something, you have to make a example sprite/music/map/…
Pick something that hasn’t already been made!
sprites: check this list:
sounds: pick whatever you want, no sunds have been made yet
music: check
Tilesets: check
Tilemaps: check

You can work on that as long as you want, we will guide and help you and say if it needs more work or not. If it has been approved, you’re on the team! Post your work then on the p2d forum on SCU:

[b]3: Maybe the most important of them all. Only join if you have the will and the determination to do it![/b]
Don’t join if you think you can’t do it or if you think you’re not good enough. Otherwise you’ll fail miserably and Daz will show you the door :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, you have to be able to handle critisism. If we say your work isn’t good, then don’t start to whine/flame/threat to hack the site/be a ass/… Instead, show some maturity, accept it and improve your work!

Any questions? Post them here!
Interested in joining the p2d team? Sign up here! :smiley:

I’d like to join up as a spriter.

Samples of my work:

Beam Impacts, Beta

It’s a bit confusing…:confused:

Can you align them by beam?

Erm…ok…I’ll edit this post when it’s done.

EDIT: Here ya go. The order is Wave, Ice, Power, Plasma.

Beam Impacts Reordered

can I join here is an examle of a missile I made:

I would want to be a spriter

The shading is totally wrong, it clashes horribly with our style, and it just plain isn’t very well made. The expectations are just a TAD high for this, y’know. :stuck_out_tongue:

And, DF?

Uh, didn’t CFX say we were just using MP’s SFX so no one needed to make any? There’s still a subfolder on AAS containing a bunch of them, I believe.

… Whoah. Too many acronyms.

coughits enlargedcough

Didn’t know… I’ll remove it from my first post then.

Unknowncity, I like it, but it’s WAY to big, the shape is pretty accurate though…
Ubermetroid, the colors and shapes need some work I think, try using brighte colors.

Bleh, I’ll leave this helping and guiding to sprite experts… It’s not really my thing.

I enlarged it thats why its like this

Then you’re an even worse spriter than I thought. Enlarging sprites to work on them is the worst mistake you can possibly make. When you resize them back down they get totally distorted and fucked up. Zoom in if you need to see details. Do NOT enlarge except to show off sprites too small to see otherwise.

no i enlarged and edited it,i still have the small 1

Don’t do it again. Editing enlarged sprites–‘subpixellation’–is one of the most common yet horrific spriting mistakes there is among newbie spriters. :stuck_out_tongue:

Im not a newbie!

Then maybe you should post the small one, eh? :angry:

Then why did you commit three newbie mistakes in the same sprite? :stuck_out_tongue: Newbie isn’t an insult. It’s just a designation, you know.

Beta 3-Now with added brightness!!!

Were using the sounds from Prime? Doesn’t that eliminate the “Everything from scratch” concept?

I could make installers but I would need ALL of the files.

I’ve posted some sounds that ive made from scratch and some (most of em :stuck_out_tongue: ) I have tweaked from the original MP sounds, what do you think?

this is the post with the samples:

Sounds good enough for me :slight_smile:

You know, you should categorise them, like ‘samus sounds’, environment sounds’, ‘enemy sounds’,…
You should start with capturing all the sounds from the space frigate. You up for it?