The Samus Sprites

Which should I do

  • Continue with the same Samus sprite and just improve and fix
  • Make new Samus sprites
  • Both
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Hey guys. My Samus sprites (if you haven’t seen them, go to my sprite topic) are really pissing me off. They are wrong all over the place. I believe I need to rethink my strategy. And I need your help to do so. So gimme a hand, will ya? I need to know what to do… :neutral_face:

I selected both. Make new ones, and learn from them so you can improve the old ones.

I think I just realized my problem…I never sprited Samus using a reference. I always did it from memory. So that placed small proportions off which in the end, messed with her shape.
SUCCEESSSSSS!!! :smiley:>

btw new Samus is being based off of MP2/MPH/MP3 Samus

I selected both aswell…

Y’know I really like the Phazonsuit Samus in your avatar.