The samus i made

this a samus i drew on paint

its varia suit. hope you like it!!! :smiley:

when you open the window just make it kinda bigger to see the image better

For me it looks good.I can’t draw that good on paint.It looks good for me cause i suck at drawing.

thanks for the comment! :smiley:

if you want to make stuff look good on paint, try zooming in and concetrating on the image!

its what i doe all the time!

i bet if you try doing that youre going to make the image look kinda better!

… No offense, but it’s terrible. You used all hte most simple strategies to draw it. It looks like samus, but it’s innacurate and way to big. It’s not outlined properly either. It’s to square, and its not shaded at all. I dont mean to be rude, but go to the first couple posts of my thread, and you’ll hear similar criticism. I just want you to know this, so that someone else doesnt offend you. Im not even close to the best spriter on this forum, but thats not a good sprite at all. And even if it’s not suppose to be a sprite, it’s still really badly done, shapewise.

Please dont take offense to this, because there are alot worse things i could say about it.

no… no, i dont like it at all. the legs are just rectangles, as well as alot of other things. look at other’s work (like reaver) for examples of how u can improve. also, if u want to sprite, try a recolor, and then, edit it how u want it to be. try a front facing zero mission suit, or another samus suit.

Umm… I don’t think it was supposed to be a sprite but I completely agree about the quality. I’ll however try to give some pointers on what to fix. Make the midsection larger, make her legs more leg shaped, connect the legs to the body, work on shading. Try those out for starters.

terrible…unless of course it was supposed to be a comedy portrayal…in which case it is kinda funny…

Ok, I’ll be clear since you seem to be just starting:

It’s bad, real bad. Why is it bad? Because it’s obvious that it was thrown together within ten minutes. Look at the facts so you can remake it into a good piece of pixel art:

  1. It isn’t proportionate, or sized, correctly at all. Try comparing the sizes of the body parts with Metroid Prime screen shots.
  2. There’s little detail. Lines don’t suffice as detail because that’s all they are: lines. And Samus isn’t made entirely of blocks. Add curves, make it believable.
  3. To make it more realistic, try shading the picture. Add darker colors at certain spots to make it look like the suit is standing in the presence of light, not completely surrounded by it.

Ok, I don’t trust profiles on the internet, but I can say this: It’s a pretty good attempt for a ten year old beginner.

Er…I liked it…

Aye, it’s disproportionate, lacking in shading, and whatnot, but it’s a darn good start. Heck, I started out doing drawings like that during Library in school; now I’m a darn decen spriter. Keep it up, I say! :slight_smile:

ya it probobly looks pretty bad beacuse it was made in 1 hour and i dont really use paint all the time… lol

…it took 1 hour to make that? i could do it in 5 minutes. then again if you dont use paint often, it seems ok-ish. but honestly, 1 hour?

about an hour. i didnt really count, i was to concetrated.

btw im making a new samus that will look better here are what im adding:


-better legs

-more details

thats all i guess.

Its between good and bad so continue to work on it and you get better at it.

i would say keep changing it. now in about 2 weeks, it will look brilliant

It looks bad but on the other side it looks good :confused:
the shapes are good but there is not much detail and depts
try fixing that and it will be a lot better




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