The result of the PS3 hype...

This is when you know the PS3 failed…

lol but wii already knew PS3 was gonna fail. . . just like vista

yep. vista’s a waste of 1 gig ram… oh, its also a waste of a computer =P

the poll of the day in Games FAQ of yesterday was saying that43% of the gamers don’t want a PS3, sony has taken a step much bigger than its feet, that is the thruth.

who wants Bluray?
who wants a overpowered videogame, that cost one of your eyes to buy?
who wants a videogame that have only failed or ruined Franchises? (rumor has it that square will make with the PS3 what it made with the N64, and this means a lot)

no one wants a PS3, not even here, in Brasil where almost no one buyed a N64 or a GC, only PS and PS2…

i think Nintendo knew what would happen, and this is why they codemaned wii as “revolution” :smiley: nintendo make videogames way back to the 2? gen-consoles made some mistakes with N64 and the GC, but they know much more about videogames than sony… this is a fact…

and i am happy with the failure of sony, nintendo have the right to be praised… :smiley:>

Shigeru Miyamoto made his games for people to enjoy, they didn’t need to be violent, just fun.
Sony is in it JUST for a quick buck, and Microsoft is kinda like that too.
The only challengers here are Nintendo and Microsoft.
Also Nintendo is solely a video game company.
Not the person who makes the TV.



i knew it.

sony were like"hey look ps3, tons of new features, and online and the graphiczorz.". then all who bought it were like “wait, its the same as the last one… shit.”

if theres one thing i have to say, its this.


Who wants something that breaks every hour?

Wow… according to Chozo dude’s sig at 2/23 6:10 Central, Wii sold over four times the amount of PS3. It is almost half of 360s. BTW, Wii sold more than 360 in a given amount of time already.