The Ranks

Well, I’m just wondering how many posts you need until you’re an Omega Pirate. Thanks!

(Oh ya, you can PM me about this if you want, instead of having it open to the public)

We won’t reveal the ranks, you’ll have to find them out yourself (NOT by spamming :sweat: )

Number of posts needed for the ranks… you can guess that from looking at the members list, sorted by posts.

i believe it is a thousand…

And I belive that’s called bumping!

…meh, 3 months…

DEAR GOD. 072 has 1,000,000 posts.

You noticed that NOW?

I would just tell you to stop spamming this topic with random observations and responses to them, but the topic question itself has already gotten the answer it needs… Which is that we won’t be revealing anything about the ranks. An on-topic discussion can’t really come from that anyway.

Thus, LOCK’D. And stop spamming <_<