the PQ cutscene

I think that when Samus first sees the PQ, it should be like in MZM when samus sees Kraid. That was pretty cool. I don’t know though if that’s even how it’s being done already anyway.

Pretty much, yes. It’s going to be three different images. One with samus looking around cautiously, one with a shadowy PQ up toward the ceiling. Then a last one with both of them in the frame. I still gotta find time to draw two of the three images.

Maybe you should show a shot of the dead pirates on the floor too. That would make it more eerie, if that’s the effect that is wanted.

Also, what program are you using to color it?

There’s no dead PQ in the battle room, though.

I use adobe photoshop for coloring my inked drawings.

He said Pirates, not PQ. >_>