The Pirate Chronicles

So I decided to write a different kind of Metroid fic this time. Enough with retellings and crazy impossible backstories. Here’s something a bit more normal, but hopefully still interesting. Um, as usual, there’s a bit of blood and such, so if you’re really queasy, turn back, or something.

Chapter 1: Promotion

A loud screeching sound preceeded an announcement from the rather poorly maintained P.A. system. “Unit 32168, please report to the bridge immediately,” the speakers barked. Another scratchy noise, and the system went offline.

Unit 32168, codename Canthus, shuddered. Armored from head to toe in a modified exoskeleton, and bearing a multitude of weapons mounted on his arms, there was very little capable of scaring the grizzled Space Pirate veteran, but a conference with Command was definitely one of them. He turned toward the closest thing he had to a friend and waved him over. “Gisald, can you take my shift? I’ve been summoned.” It was, of course, a rhetorical question. Canthus gulped and headed down the long corridor to the elevator as Gisald reloaded his weapons and resumed his friend’s duty of guarding the prisoners.

Canthus fired off a low-power shot to disengage the shielding over the door to the bridge, and entered cautiously. The massive holographic figure of High Commander Zeta filled the entire starboard wall. “Three-two. You’re here.”

The pirate warrior nodded and disengaged his weapons systems. “What do you require from me, Exalted One?”

“As you no doubt know, our facilities on Zebes were eradicated. We lost all of our energy sources, save one. And while it is indeed a powerful one, we need more–it’s very … unstable. Hard to contain, hard to manage.”

Canthus’s multifaceted, glowing eyes widened in fear. “No… with all due respect, sir, you can’t possibly be thinking of–”

“I know. They’re far too dangerous. That’s why we called you here. High Commander Delta detected an element with extraordinarily high energy output on a planet in the Tallon system… and we want you to lead the expedition.”

The holograph went offline before Canthus had a chance to protest. He simply stared blankly at the wall where it previously stood. “…Me?”

The Vol Paragom’s engines shifted and sputtered as the frigate readjusted its trajectory. The newly promoted Captain Canthus gave off a few quick orders regarding landing procedures over the P.A. before returning to the prison bay. He quickly stepped through the dull grey metallic halls, his chitonous feet banging loudly against the floor. Approaching his destination, he disengaged the bay door’s shield and entered. “Gisald.”

Gisald turned his head and glared at his superior. “Bastard,” he spat venomously.

Canthus cocked his head and stepped back in surprise. “What’s with that greeting? Even if we weren’t close acquaintances, I’m also your commander now. I will not tolerate that kind of treatment.”

Chuckling, the lesser pirate lowered his head. “So it worked. I didn’t think High Command would be so stupid.”

“What are you talking about? What worked?”

“Your plan. I knew you were plotting to take us over… and I won’t stand for it. Just because you’re an obsequious suckup doesn’t mean that some of us don’t see your true motives!” He punctuated this accusation by swinging his left arm forth, causing the wrist-mounted scythe to swivel into attack position.

Canthus stepped back again and re-activated his weapons systems. “Gisald, what are you doing? What are you saying? I have no pla–”

Before he could finish his sentence, the scythe blade was rushing at him. He raised his own and stopped the affront, then swiveled and delivered a mighty kick with his clawed foot to Gisald’s midsection. Green-hued blood gushed forth from the small puncture wound in his carapace, but he ignored it and blindly slashed again. Canthus tilted to the side just in time to evade the blow, and extended his own scythe straight into the turncoat’s back. The sickening sound of shredded chitin filled the room as the blade, by now covered in greenish goop, sliced cleanly through Gisald’s right shoulder. The wounded warrior screeched and clutched the stump, holding back the flow of juices. He fell to his knees and moaned in pain.

Captain Canthus glared and wiped off his scythe. “I have no plans to take over anything. I’m doing as my orders dictate. I don’t know what put these crazy ideas into your head; I don’t know what turned you against me. But I will not stand for it.” He raised his galvanic accelerator cannon and leveled it towards Gisald’s head. “Asshole.” And with that, he pulled the trigger.

Suddenly, the P.A. barked again. “Now approaching the fourth planet in the Tallon system. Initiating landing procedures.”

“Just in time,” mused Canthus somberly as he turned and exited the gory bay…

Chapter 2: Predators

Canthus leapt off the top of the landing ramp and landed with a heavy thud in the snowy terrain. “This looks like as good of a place as any to set up a base camp.” He motioned for his attendants to come forth, and he headed over to a nearby cliff. “Construct a scaffold there, and drill into that cliff wall right about there.” He pointed to an indentation near the top of the wall. “Sensors indicate that there’s a vast cave network up there. We’ll construct our laboratories within.” He leapt up to the wall, clutched his clawed hands and feet into the rock, and scaled his way up the cliff. “Yes… right about here.” The pirate etched an outline in the cliff with his scythe, and dropped back down to the ground level with a grunt.

One of his attendants nodded and entered something into his portable computer. “I’ll take the specs back to the construction team, then. How tall do you want the scaffold?”

Canthus shielded his eyes against the glaring sun with one hand, and looked up from the base of the cliff to the center of the valley the Vol Paragom had landed in. He traced a path from the etched outline of the entrance to the other side, and approximated a height for the central tower. “Scratch that. Build a tower. Make it reach up to about there,” he mused as he scampered back up the cliff and drew a line, “and put some platforms around it for the purposes of climbing the tower. This will be the only way of getting up to the lab entrance… and none of the local predators can jump well enough to pose a threat…” He dropped back down to the surface. “How’s that look?”

“It’ll take time, but it can be done. Any defensive installations?”

“Yeah, let’s put a few auto-turrets near the entrance…”

Private Ergol grunted and strained as he tried to lift the heavy stasis tube off the ship. “What’s in these things, anyway?”

Another pirate strolled over and helped him hoist the tube. “Careful with that.”

“Why? What’s in it?”

“You don’t want to know.” He chuckled softly. “Here, let me get it. I know how to handle these.” Cautiously taking the tube in both hands, he effortlessly carried it over to the construction site in the center of the valley. “Captain, if I may?”

Canthus turned towards the private and nodded. “What is it?”

“Why are we setting up base camp here? The energy source was only detected in a remote region–the impact site of a meteor.”

“I’m aware of that, soldier, but the metroids are weakened by cold weather. The temperature of this zone is perfect for keeping them docile enough to control, yet still active enough to produce energy. It’s not convenient, but it’s safe.”

The pirate nodded and set down the tube. “Speaking of metroids, where should we put these?”

Several days passed, and with each passing revolution of the planet, the tower grew ever taller. The agile pirates, wasting no time, had also begun construction of the main facility thanks to the wall-climbing abilities of some of their architects. Canthus, however, was growing anxious.

“Ergol, I’m putting you in charge for now. I’m going to explore and find the quickest route from here to the impact crater.”

Ergol nodded. “Yes, sir. I will do my best.” He rushed over to the frigate to oversee the unloading processes further as Canthus leapt over the river and headed for the crater.

With massive, golden multifaceted eyes, the voracious creature stared eerily at the small humanoids who labored below her. They were terraforming her valley, and she was not happy. For years, no, decades, the entire mountain range–valleys included–had been the territory of one beast, who hunted anything within it at her leisure… and now, it was suddenly invaded, reshaped, and desecrated.

She snorted indignantly. Soon enough it would be night, and she could strike.

Private Ergol rushed towards the tower. “Night approaches. Men, call off construction for now. Let’s head back to the ship and get some rest.”

The workers complied, and began scaling down the cliffs, packing up their tools, and heading for the Vol Paragom’s sleeping quarters. Sadly, many would not make it.

The beast shifted her position so as to catch the sun’s final rays on her glistening back. The ice shards planted there from birth on shimmered brightly as they absorbed their last bits of solar energy for the day. Now was the perfect time to strike.

She dashed down the steep incline of the cliff, silent aside from the pounding noise made by her massive clawed feet impacting against the rock face. She dashed towards a pirate and leapt towards him, extending Raptor-like claws from her feet. The pirate barely managed a scream before the talons shredded his head from his body. His killer sniffed the corpse briefly. It didn’t smell appetizing, but her thirst for revenge led her to continue slaughtering others of his kind. She rushed another pirate, and drew upon the solar energy she had absorbed. A massive blast of frigid air emanated from her maw, freezing the insectoid warrior where he stood. She shattered him with a headbutt and whirled. By now, other pirates had equipped their weapons and were opening fire on the beast. Small bolts of red energy zapped into her leathery blue skin, but it mattered not to the durable hunter. She slashed another pirate’s chest, and the snowy landscape soon ran green with the blood of the invaders.

Ergol extended his scythe and ran at the brute. “Cannons aren’t working! Stop wasting energy!” He slashed downwards at the creature’s back, and shards of ice flew in every direction. Shielding his eyes from the shrapnel, he sliced again, then opened fire on the weakened shell. The monster roared in agony and whirled, and expelled another blast of freezing air. Ergol sidestepped deftly and leapt over the beast, firing downwards at its shell. “Break the ice! Blast the skin underneath! That’s the ticket!” The creature roared again and froze two pirates together mid-slash. Their momentum carried them forward, and they shattered against each other. Ergol swore under his breath and fired again as the beast lunged at its next target. The pirate tried to roll out of the way, but was crushed under its massive weight. No one could seem to hit the thing’s shell directly, and it was showing no signs of taking further damage. Another pirate ran at her and leapt. She fired a blast of ice breath, but barely grazed his toe-claws as he spun and landed on her back. He jammed his scythe down and shredded her shell. “Got it!” She whirled and thrashed about, sending him flying off and landing in a crumpled heap. Another blast of ice stopped him cold, and the monster turned her attention towards Ergol. “Oh… shit.”

She charged, claws extended, with a ferocity unlike any she had shown before. Crimson blood trailed behind her from her wounded back, but she was undeterred. Ergol raised his scythe in a futile last effort. The beast was closing in…

Suddenly, she stopped, howled in pain, and fell over, revealing a furious Canthus standing before Ergol, red-stained scythe extended. “What the hell happened here…?”

He looked around and surveyed the carnage. Dead pirates in various states of dismemberment laid prostate across the ground, bloodstains of all colors marred the pristine wintery landscape, and the tower had suffered a bit of collateral damage.

Canthus stared angrily at Ergol. “That’s the last time I leave you in charge…”

That is good, I give it a 10 out of 10 8) 8)

Chapter 3: Visitors

Repairs were going smoothly, and the wounded pirates were quickly healing up thanks to the advanced technology the pirates had ‘acquired’ from the Galactic Federation. While they had lost time and a few lives, the sheegoth attack would proof inconsequential in the long run. Ergol was swiftly punished with a decrease in rations and a reassignment to latrine duty, Arden was promoted to temporary leader, and Canthus continued his travels across the surface of the planet. Finally, he caught a glimpse of his destination: a massive hovering island of rock over an equally massive crater. “Bingo.”

He flipped out his communicator and entered the code for the Vol Paragom’s sister ship, the Orpheon. A gruff voice echoed from the speaker. “Yes, peon?”

“Hmph. You sure think rather highly of yourself. I’m only one rank below you normally, so don’t start.”

Aboard the Orpheon, General Ridley chuckled softly. His segmented purple tongue ran over his armored lips as he savored his next words. “So, Canthus. You contacted me. I take it you need… help?” The dragon ‘grinned’ broadly, displaying his glistening, ultra-sharp fangs to no one in particular.

“Stuff it. We’ve located the impact crater, but due to our… special cargo, we had to touch down elsewhere. We also lost some men and supplies in a predator attack. Can you land at the following coordinates and bring some supplies and reinforcements?”

Ridley snorted. “Why should I do that?”

“Listen up, Ridley. High Command gave me full authority over the Tallon IV mission, and as long as you’re in our airspace, you follow my orders. Now land that God-damned frigate!”

The dragon sighed and coiled his tail tightly around a nearby pipe in frustration. “… As you wish, Captain,” he spat.

Canthus stepped back against a cliff wall as the massive space frigate Orpheon lowered itself into the canyon. Dwarfing the Vol Paragom, it was the center of operations for most starfaring missions. Because of this, it was also the best equipped, and most fully manned. Dozens upon dozens of insectoid warriors exited the ship’s hold and poured into formation. Ridley followed them, his disproportionately small wings beating furiously to keep him aloft.

“Will this do, your majesty?” he scoffed.

Canthus narrowed his eyes at Ridley and nodded slowly. “Yes. That will be fine. Of course, we’ll still need some construction materials. Also, on the way here I found some magma-filled caverns. Perhaps we could supplement this ‘phazon’ with geothermal power?”

Ridley turned away. “Don’t ask me. I’m just the damned delivery boy, remember? Now hurry it up. Get your stuff and get out so I can lift off already…”

Night fell upon the Tallon landscape yet again. Canthus and his company retreated into hastily constructed shelters, whilst Arden and his returned to the Vol Paragom. The night was calm and peaceful, with no sign of sheegoths or any other sort of predator. Of course, like the old maxim says, a calm always precedes a storm.

Two silvery-blue figures made their way through the shoddy pirate camp. One turned to the other and spoke in an alien tongue, and the other responded angrily. Their hollow voices echoed throughout the canyon as their argument escalated. It was enough to wake Lt. Fern.

“What the hell… who goes there?” he demanded groggily as he rose from his tent.

The two figures chattered excitedly and dashed in opposite directions away from the pirate.

“Wha-- What were those things? Wonder if our security cameras caught them at all…” He rushed over to the nearest Auto Turret and accessed its camera memory banks. “Let’s see…rewind a bit, and… hm?” The image clearly showed the empty camp. Soon the two figures he had seen appeared, seemingly out of thin air, and began to speak. The image became filled with static and noise, and soon Fern was barely able to make anything out. Then the image cleared again and he saw his own figure emerge from his tent. The two characters vanished as mysteriously as they came, and the recording ended promptly.

Fern rubbed his eyes sleepily and stared at the monitor. “I… what… Hey, Canthus! Wake up! You should probably come see this…!”

Chapter 4: Encounter

“What the…why…how… Rewind that and play it again,” stuttered an awestruck Canthus.

“Our systems shouldn’t be that easy to scramble. It would require vast levels of electromagnetic interference to have an effect like that. Whatever those things are…”

“…they’re not normal,” finished Canthus.

“Yeah. But what are they then?”

“I’ll contact Arden and see if they encountered anything similar.”

In the other camp, the pirates were just recovering from an encounter of their own. One trooper’s corpse lay in a crumpled heap, and another pirate, half-dead, struggled to continue breathing. Arden knelt by the corpse and placed his palm against its wounds. “Does anyone know what the hell happened here?”

The wounded warrior nodded and waved Arden over. “Kind of, sir. A strange… blue creature, about two meters tall. It appeared and disappeared… no warning. Before I could… didn’t know what happened… it… burning…” His thoughts trailed off into mindless rants. Clearly, his mind had been twisted by whoever or whatever had assaulted him.

One of Canthus’s adjutants rushed over to Arden. “Sir, urgent message from the Captain. He’s waiting on Line 3.” Arden nodded and activated his communicator. “Arden speaking. What’s wrong, Captain?”

“We had an inexplicable visitor last night.”

“Two meters, blue, seemingly ethereal?”

“You saw them too, then.”

“Not directly, but yes, they stopped by. We lost one of our workers to it.”

Canthus groaned. “Ours seemed harmless enough… any idea what they were?”

“Not a clue. They completely scrambled our visual sensors, too.”

The captain growled angrily. “I don’t know what these things are, but if they’ve messed with the Space Pirates of Zebes, they will pay. Even if they’re god-damned ghosts, I will find a way to kill them again! If you see any more, do anything you can to eliminate them, Sergeant.”

“Yes, sir. Signing off.”

Canthus returned the transceiver to its socket in his pelvic armor and turned around to head back for the ship. Suddenly, a figure manifested itself in front of him.

“Wha–well now, finding another one of you bastards was easier than expected.” He raised his scythe. “Back off, or–”

The creature raised an arm and opened its palm. A swirling vortex of energy biult up within its clawed grasp, and the figure vanished into thin air.

“The hell?” He slashed blindly at the spot where it just was, but cut through nothing. An unearthly cackle emanated from behind him. He spun just in time to get blasted in the face with a ball of energy. Sputtering, Canthus struggled to retain his balance. “What was that?! All available men, arm your guns and get over here now!”

The specter reappeared and began charging up another shot. Canthus took a lunging step and slashed his scythe directly through the beast’s chest. The blade passed through it effortlessly–perhaps too effortlessly? He pulled back and realized that his attack hadn’t impacted any solid material whatsoever! The blue figure cackled again and vanished. “Damn it! If it reappears again, blast it at full power!”

Right on cue, the phantom manifested itself in the middle of the clearing yet again. It charged up two balls of energy and merged them into a massive vortex of something, then unleashed them into a crowd of pirates. The blast toppled them all to the ground like bowling pins, and continued traveling on into the cliff, where it impacted for a large explosion. All nearby sensors and turrets instantly went offline in a burst of static.

Fern quickly leapt to his feet and took aim. He fired off a salvo of energy at the ghost, and it recoiled as though in pain. Still undeterred, however, it fired another blast of energy at the pirate, then disappeared into nothing again. The targeted pirate fell back in pain as the blast seared his flesh and carapace. Three other pirates began scanning the surroundings with their gun-arms extended, waiting for the creature to appear again.

After a few minutes, it cackled again and reappeared, this time hovering high above the ground. It fired a blast down, detonating it against the ground near the pirates. Canthus raised his gun, but a burst of electricity shot through it and the firing mechanism jammed. “What the hell?! He wrecked my cannon!”

One trooper managed to get his gun back online, and blasted another flurry of rounds through the ghost. The apparition screeched and its form hovered limply in the air. Ghostly flames enveloped its body, and it slowly disintegrated ito nothing as its hollow cackle echoed for the final time throughout the crater.

Canthus blinked and began investigating his gun. He quickly managed to get it back online, and then rushed over to try to awaken the comatose pirates heaped by a large cave. One finally rose.

“Sir, did you get a good look at that thing?”

“Not really. It never stayed still and solid long enough…”

“I got a pretty good look at its head. It reminded me very strongly of the statues back on Zebes. I bet that thing was related to the chozo.”

Canthus scowled. “Chozo… I’d hoped I’d never have to encounter another one of those damned treehugging pigeons again for the rest of my life. Just our luck that they’d be here too.”

Another trooper called Canthus over. “Uh, sir? Might wanna come see this…”

He leapt over a few bodies and headed to the pirate, who was standing in the entrance to the cave. “Yes, Fern?”

Fern extended his arm and pointed towards a glowing, hovering object in the back of the cavern. “I think it was guarding this, whatever it is. Seems to be some sort of artifact. Once Arden’s team gets the labs fully operational, let’s examine it… it resonates with the same energy frequency as the phazon meteor we scanned earlier!”

Chapter 5: Enemy

Several uneventful days later.

The tower was completed, and an entryway had been burrowed into the cliff wall. A cave network was discovered just like Canthus predicted, and the pirates quickly began constructing a makeshift laboratory facility within. The metroids were transfered into new tubes which were designed to absorb their energy into a main reactor, and the base soon became fully operational. Meanwhile, in the magma-filled caverns just below the snowy drifts they resided in, Canthus had sent a third team to look into the possibilities of using the magma for a tertiary energy source. A large station was constructed and enormous pumps and turbines were put into place. Canthus himself was now leading mining operations into the crater, but had run into a rather odd problem.

“Fern, what do you make of this?”

Fern ran over to investigate. Canthus had drilled a large hole straight down through the rock, and had uncovered a bizarre obstacle: a glowing field of energy that repelled all attempts at entry. “A force field?”

“Seems that way. Any ideas?”

Before Fern could answer, a mighty roar resonated from below them and the ground began to shake. Panicked pirates ran frantically as the surface began to buckle and bulge. “What the hell?!”

The force field crackled with energy and suddenly exploded in a powerful wave. Several pirates were knocked to the ground or smashed against walls, and the crater was quickly becoming unstable. Canthus and Fern leapt to a wall and tried to climb to escape, but the creature below was causing too much shaking to allow them to get a proper footing.

Finally, the beast emerged from the cavern below. A massive hovering blue horror, with writhing tentacles twisting and coiling in every direction, and an enormous crimson brain-like nucleus with two beady yellow eyes, the thing was vaguely reminiscent of a metroid, but it was quite clear to the pirates that this beast was no ordinary one. It raised two tentacles together, and humidity was quickly sucked out of the air as a large flaming aura engulfed the creature. It slammed the two downward with a mighty roar, and a nova of fire was tossed in all directions, incinerating and wounding all pirates near it. Canthus quickly radio’d for help. “Arden, we need Troopers, and fast! It seems to attack with flames, plus it seems vaguely metroid-like, so bring Ice Troopers if you can! Get to the crater immediately!”

Arden groggily responded. “Wait, what? Troopers? It? Metroid? What’s going on?”

Canthus never responded. A cacaphony of screaming and roaring and burning was all that Arden could make out.

“Shit. Everyone, get onboard! Something went very wrong in the crater!”

The Vol Paragom soon approached the crater. Its occupants looked down at the chaos below in shock and awe. Arden barked out a few orders. “All available Ice Troopers, drop down and try to contain it. Power and Wave troopers, provide support if possible. Plasma Troopers, stay behind as backup, we don’t know if fire can hurt this thing. Go go go!”

The troopers courageously leapt from the ship to the sides of the cliff, and quickly dropped down to the ground level–or what was left of it. The creature turned its attention towards the new arrivals. It quickly raised all of its tentacles and twisted them together, and vanished in a flash of light.

One of the troopers sighed. “Dammit, again. Every time we get to the action, it’s right before it ends. Can’t we ever–”

Before he could even finish his angered rant, a blast of flame engulfed his form, incinerating him instantly. The Wave Troopers simultaneously aimed their weapons–based on stolen Chozo design plans and on observation of The Hunter who used them–at the spot where the flames appeared from, and the creature’s intangible form was quickly enveloped in electricity. It screeched and blasted flames at the assaulters, then reappeared and performed a dashing headbutt into the sole trooper still standing. The Ice Troopers on the other side quickly began firing their weapons, and the beast seemed to be slowing from the assault. Soon the Plasma and Power Troopers leapt to join the fray as well, and a few surviving pirates from Canthus’s unit offered supporting fire. The beast began to seize violently, twitching and writhing. It shrieked incessantly and flailed around, then exploded in a flash of white light. In its place stood–or hovered, rather–a massive ball of blue gelatinous substance with a bizarre red nucleus within. The blob extended a tentacle towards the Power Troopers. It managed to get ahold of one, as the others fired futiley upon its form. It dragged the screaming creature into its form, and shuddered violently. It sent another tentacle out to grab the corpse of a Wave Trooper, and then snagged a kicking and screaming specimen from the two remaining castes as well.

Canthus slowly rose from the ground. “What… is that thing?”

Fern shook his head slowly. “I don’t know, but it doesn’t seem friendly. Is it just me or did it just eat some of our men?”

Hollow voices echoed throughout the halls of the temple. Another one of the blue chozo-esque figures dashed in, and began to chatter and cackle. Other voices soon joined in, and soon a horde of ghosts poured out of the doorway.

“I got a log of the thing before it took out my scanner. It has metroid DNA in it after all. This thing is one hell of an evolved metroid,” explained Fern as he and Canthus ran to get a safer vantage point. “I’ve dubbed it the Metroid Prime.”

“Interesting… where did it come from? Why was it sealed up in the crater?”

“I don’t know. And I don’t know what made it evolve like this. Maybe phazon is some sort of potent mutagen in concentrated doses? We may want to look into this for enhancing our own troops.”

“Yeah, maybe–hey, what’s that?” Canthus looked up and saw a blur of silvery-blue soar by overhead. Cackles and hollow whispers spread throughout the canyon. “Shit. Chozo ghosts too…”

Much to his surprise, the specters ignored the pirates and headed straight for the Metroid Prime. They cackled, spoke to each other in an indecipherable tongue, and opened fire. The creature had by now absorbed several specimens of each type of trooper, and it was somehow integrating their armor into its own form. A crablike shell was soon constructed and the beast began its assault anew.

“What’s it doing?!”

“It absorbed our armors! Damn, I sure hope he doesn’t know about our–”

Metroid Prime opened its shell partially, revealing an eerie ‘face’ reminiscent of the one on its metroid-like form. A massively amplified version of the Power Beam shot forth, instantly obliterating several pirates and one chozo ghost.

“–weapons… shit.”

Ah, very good. I must applaud, nobodys portrayed the pirates in such a beleivable way…except the game. Anyhow, Ridley was definetly very satisfying, and much how i would imagine him. Just some innacuraccys bother me. Your probably aware of them, but ill bring them to the light anyway.

Metroid prime: I always envisioned metroid primes original form something of a gamma metroid with no shell. They said it grew inside, so it probably wouldnt be very big. But primes to form was indamagable by anything other than concentrated blue phazon. But i love the way you described how prime got it’s beam weapons.

Chozo ghosts: After reading this, im suprised there were no ghosts in phendrana, since there were statues that could be religous sites

Not much, but these things help contribute to the story anyway. Ive never really like fanfics, but this one is somehting different.

Fun fact: I’m working on a game that edits a pirate game based in the Caribbean into a game about space pirates. Does that suffice? >_>

Hey, a game about pirates, is a good game, whether its in the carribean, or not.

That will be good, a game on another side instead of being on GF trooper or Samus Aran. And get to play as a pirate, maybe you can use your beta pirate as the man charater in your game since you cant use him in P2D. I like pirates there cool and your Pirate Chronicles is good.

sorry…still thinking of pirates of car. …yeah…destracted easily…

anyways, looks like lots of this stuff was looked into! :smiley:

-illogical thoughts of SD47

Yeah, but he forgot about the 3 metroids that were terminated on landing. But then again, you cant remeber every friggin log by heart.

I have no recollection of anything like that, and if it bothers you that much, just assume it happened while the action was somewhere else. >_>;

Holy Shit… How’d I miss this?! I have a lot of catching up to do :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it was in the very first pirate log. “Zebes has fallen…3 metroids were terminated at landing site…” But sure. I never did understand the whole Vol paragom and Orpheon thing. Wasnt orpheon the one that crashed?? BTW, what was the ship in MZM called??

There were three ships. Orpheon is the one in Prime, and the one Ridley resides on. Vol Paragom is the one my story is based around. Siriacus and Vol Paragom have never been shown in the games, only mentioned, so I’m taking liberties with them for the sake of the story.

Oh, duh, that explains why the termination of the metroids wasn’t mentioned. This is a different ship. <_<

Damn, killed at my own game.

I knew about those and there was a Galatic Federation Battle Crusser Emmons. So there about 4 ship, 3 of them Space Pirate and 1 Galatic Federation.

Yeah, i remeber that. But one thing really bothers me, Daz. Not about your comic, but who the hell are the Monks of Gronheim??? They sound like a friggin RPG tribe. They’re in the one log about the red crystals in magmoor caverns.

The Monks of Gronheim, I don’t know maybe pirates or a different race? Maybe they make an apperance in Prime 3 as of that not much knowed about them. I think there pirate not sure.

Daz you should make more I love those.

I think he’s continuing it on the SCU forums goes to check. But i think the monks are either pirates, or another underground criminal race (why else would the pirates trade with them?).