The parasites...they look like blobs

The parasites in the demo…done look like parasites from the game…they dont act like them either. There isnt any real distinction witht heones fromt the game. If it’d be okay, id like to redo them. The just look like hopping fried fish, and id like to give them a more interesting appearance.

OMG, i forgot i already had another thread in here!! Isnt there a rule against that??


Serious burn.

No. But there is one against double posting.

And against spamming, you other two.

i dont think the parasites look really different, in the game they were splatters on the suit, and they are the same on this one :smiley:

The parasites will be remade. They’re innaccurate in every way imaginable, due to one innacuracy: size. They’re about 3 times too small, and illy (I think it was illy…) couldn’t do much at that scale. Also, they’re the wrong color, but I can’t really blame illy for that >_>

Anyway, you can ignore the parasites, we’re aware that they need to be remade :stuck_out_tongue:

…as long as they have that nice splatter effect on the suit, they are fine…

You think i could redo them. They’re small and simple creatures, and wouldnt be to much work to animate. Id love to take a bite out of one of your dying pirates Daz.

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