The Pandora's Box is OPENED!!

YO guys!! long time no see! remember me? i was once called knuckle here at the forums, but i got banned, too bad, but anyway i just comeback to post what i promissed last year so dont worry, as soon as i post this i’ll be outa here ok?

aaaand if you have no idea what im talking about heres a little explanation…

"i had the idea last year to do a timecapsule… people would post a message that could be read only one year later, cool isnt? so lets read their message! "

and thats it eheheh, i dont know if this guys are still arround, the only one that i still keep contact is jetman! whasap man?!

now, escuse me, cuz im gonna answer my message :smiley:

ahem… hey knuckle! you realy did surprised me!! ahahah thats awesome i could barely belive when the task menager of my pc showed your message dude!! okey do your questions!

  1. no its 25 eheheh i programed wrong the task menager… THE DEMO IS ALMOST OVER DUDE!! AND IT LOOKS GREEEEAAAT!! i tought they were going to givup! they didnt!! aah man! soo cool! (i didnt liked the hamburger…)

2.actualy this kind of thing wont mess you anymore man… you became a good friend of they xD! sony is kind of cool too :smiley:

3.ahah ? im guess im from the future… wha? the money? no no no man, twilight was delayed 3 days after you wrote this xD so i just wasted in sonic adventure DX and RE4 ehehehe oh? what? OH YHEA! you right! uhauhahuahu i have twilight princess now!! it released on 15 december dude!! and the game is soooo frinking cool!!! yup a great future waits you bro!

ps: no, and i dont wanna talk about it… since brazil lost i dont fell myself anymore… but in another 4 years we got another shot!!

LOL I remember you… same grammar, same spelling, same cultural difference between brazillians and americans… Damn I don’t even think any of those people actually exist around these forums…

hey! i am brasilian too!

and i don’t like time capsules, is only a method to ppl try to live forever…

Yo, Knucklehead, bans are permanent. No exceptions. Fuck off.