The origins of Phazon revealed!!

Metroid Menace and I [well, only him, but I was helping… kind of… >_>] have been going through the beta material in the game… And he found something VERY startling.

[i]"Ph Z 01: Phazon]
Phazon is the remaining energy from the physical metroid creature. After the metroid species was destroyed on Planet Zebes, the remaining space pirates experimented with fractal cloning. Fractal cloning is a process that enables the engineer to sample any know [sic] DNA and splice it with their own—

end signal

  • DATA SAVED 01"[/i]

Now maybe we’re just taking this weirdly, but it seems to us that this means that either the creation of metroids produced phazon as a side effect, or the pirate cloning of metroids produced phazon as a side effect, or both. This also might link to mochtroids somehow–pirate-cloned metroids that were “missing something”… perhaps what they were missing is related to this fractal cloning thing.

This also explains why Prime creates phazon when spawning metroids–because it’s a side effect of metroid creation!

As for why this wasn’t ingame? My theory is that Prime was going to be much more self-contained, then they later decided to spread it out into a trilogy and removed this information from the logbook, then happened to leave some of it in the game’s code.

Thoughts? Comments?

Yeah. Now let’s explain the different kinds and forms of phazon. And how can energy be physical and “toxic”? Also, if it’s the ‘REMAINING energy from a physical metroid creature’, that means that a metroid would have to be destroyed or the energy would have to be removed from the metroid. I don’t see how that could imply that it’s made during the creation process.

It just doesn’t make any sense. I’d say that’s the real reason they removed it. Just watch…they’ll either keep it a mystery or give a different explanation in Metroid Prime 3. 8)

Obviously when they decided to make it a trilogy, they saved that juicy bit of info for the last game! :smiley:>

One question: How did you find that?

Metroid Prime ROM, I would guess.

Like Mason said, what’s it remaining from? That sentence doesn’t make any sense. It does, however, suggest a link between Metroids and Phazon.

So they hide that from the game and make a three game saga so we have to figured out what phazon is that explains alot, I wonder if all the phazon color going to be in MP3, They say it is going to play an important role in metroid prime 3 mabye there a new suit that can handle the red phazon and the other colors.
When they take that out they left a little bit in there about where phazon came from.


So Samus lands on a planet covered in Phazon(yes, it SHOULD be capitalized), but where would all that Phazon come from? Maybe it’s a Metroid colony!!!..(sp?)

To answer your first question, the law of relativity says something along the lines that matter can be converted to energy, so Phazon could be radioactive matter that, as it decomposes, releases phazon energy…

Also, in the Metroid Fusion booklet, it says that the Metroids were created by the Chozo. Maybe Metroids can be created easily by putting all of the molecules together, releasing phazon energy in the process. Then, maybe the metroid reabsorbs the energy and the Phazon matter is a waste product…

Or maybe I’m just wasting my time coming up for scientific explanations for stuff that occur in fictional video games…


Yup. I guess that would be about right. XD

My point is not that it’s impossible by physical logic, it’s that it’s impossible by lexical logic. In other words, whether it’s impossible is irrelevant: their wording makes no sense.

yeah, i know hwo you feel.

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