The Olympics

I was just wondering who you will be chearing for in the up-coming Winter Olympics.

For me, it’s gotta be CANADA!!!

ABSOLUTELY NO FLAMING!!! Anybody cought flaming just because they like a different team will be reported to a mod or admin.

I second that. GO CANADA!!


another flaming topic…yay!

I cheer for UKRAINE (even tho I dont live there anymore…i still like it,best place for me :slight_smile:


is Brazil even going to be in WINTER olympics…especially in Italy?

Canada will probably, maybe win the gold for Hockey, they have been doing good lately.

I dont know…i mean Russia has a lot of NHL champions

i say Penta Champion on world cup hehehe

why do u say the same thing twice?

He meant it as a joke.

russia got hockey!


In hockey, it’s not a question of who would win, it’s a question of who do the best against Canada.(That’s a biased oppinion, but hey, Canada’s hockey is awesome.)

go sweden!

sweden will kick the @#%& out of canada in hockey!! (j/k :stuck_out_tongue:)

U.K rocks!!! i have’t been there but they have man skirts and bagpipes!!!