The Official Yearly Leet Ales topic

Happy Birthday dom master!

Happy Birthday!

Happy B-day! :slight_smile:

I’m going to make this a general birthday thread. It woul be a bit useless to start a single topic for every birthday…

There’s gotta be some sort of gift someone can make for these occasions do you think?

Don’t you have to be 13 to legally make an account on an InvisionFree or phpBB board?

*Phazon Eater points to his age

<_< :stuck_out_tongue:

Well there’s always lying. For example I’m 12.

off topic: I think they figured if someone wanted to, they would just lie.
off topic 2: wow, J you’re tweleve?! You seem much more responsible than most 12-year olds I know. :mrgreen:
On-topic: Happy B-day Dom!

I admit it, I’m also twelve :blush:

about the gift, how about a sig and/or avatar, if they deserved it… :smiling_imp:

I’m also 12, and if you look at my profile I didn’t lie about my age. I still got in though… :confused:

I didn’t lie either!

As long as you hit “I accept” it doesn’t matter how old you are since Birthday ins’t required when you register.

…Im 11…
Runs Out :metroid:

I don’t think it matters. Most people on gaming/anime forums are 10-17 year olds. The older people usually hang out at something awful or twisted humor sites like that.

Well im skrewed im only 8

Seriously? And you’re on the Dev team?
What surprised me is that Kellan is the same age as me. I thought he’d be like 25 or something.

I have a feeling that this is turning into an age confession topic…

I think I’m the only one that’s even close to 25 here. (Is 20)

Funny that you’re 12, darknin…Seem to agree with you on alot of things…I think…my memory sucks.

Also, I put my real birthday but this forum didn’t care…For things I do I tell it I’m 15 years old because that’s what everyone thinks I am…It can be quite irritating if they don’t believe my real age…

In most of the communities I join, the youngest member is around 13. The oldest would be in their 20s.