The Official Wii Topic [Nintendo Revolution]

Has anyone seen the Revolution’s controller? Holy crap! It’s a friggin TV remote. I mean, I knew that Nintendo was into innovation, but this, I don’t whither to rejoice or cry. It might be Nintendo’s upperhand on Sony and Microsoft, or it could be their downfall.

Once you get past the “WTF DIFFERENT?!?!?!” impression, and if you actually take the time to look at the potential, it looks really freaking cool =D

I dont know how you could use it in any, way, shape, or form, I thought it was some sort of DVD controller for the rev to. I dont think it will be verry comfortable. It will hopefully be good, Ninty wont just do something as retarded as that to the controller for no reson, Im sure it will be good. Or this may be a prototype after all.

Hopefully you’ll be able to hook up gamecube controllers. :sweat:

Wait what was I thinking this controller will hack the main database it have some sort of laser pointer thing that senses where you are pointing that is crazy! and you can link other stuff to it to it will be supreme!

I’m making this the official revolution tpic.

BTW, the revo controller is great :smiley: Learn to appreciate it, it has tons of possibilites! Can’t wait to buy a revolution!

Nope, but it will have a controller shell that is shaped kinda like a gamecube controller. It will mostly be meant to play the older style games.

At first when I saw the controller, I was like WTF?! Who wants to play games with a tv remote?!?!

But after I read through everything, I was like “ZOMG, i’m getting a Revo!” I especially like the nun-chuck attachment. And it’s potential for sword fighting games is incredible. Go crazy swinging the controller, going Omnislash style on everything you fight. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yes, the Revolution controller is truly great. Imagine the possibilities!

thinks about WarioWare, Metroid, and Zelda on the revolution

The controller shell is actually FOR revolution games. It basically turns off all the buttons on the control, and turns it on on the shell. But keeps the wireless movement thinger! It’s so friggin ossm.

Metroid Prime 3 will be awesome on the revolution with the nun-chuck attachment. Move with the left hand’s joystick part, shoot normal beam with one trigger, and missiles with the other. The d-pad for changing beams, A button for morph ball, bottom trigger for lock on! And…and… the B, X, and Y buttons for visor change.
Yes, it said something about the B,X, and Y buttons in the article ( 's article) but I am not seeing it on the controller…

Another thing to get excited about: SMASH BROS. REVOLUTION.
and I don’t know about you, but the shell is the only way for me to go on that game…
and also, another thing, did you guys read that you will be able to use to of the pointers/controls for games where you play drums and stuff? Not just something like Donkey Konga… they could make a whole trap set model with it. Because it DOES also messure depth (towards and away from the screen) I want Zelda on the Revolution :E


power to the revo!! but its kinda funny cuz people see you swinging around what looks like a tv remote and they think “wtf is he doing to that poor remote?” lol

The Revolution will allow you to hook up Gamecube controllers…for when you play Gamecube games >_>

New Controller = w00t!

Personaly I think it sucks(no offence),I mean its not comfortable…
I reather get a PS3 controller and that thing that changes the controllers
(I think REvo suks,Im only geting it becouse of Prime3,Zelda,mario,and SSB)

You can’t possibly say it is not comfortable when you have never held it in your hand. I can hold a tv remote for…well…the longest I’ve held a tv remote is probably 5 minutes before setting it down. But they don’t feel uncomfortable, and I have one that is almost shaped exactly as a revolution’s controller.
And second, you say you are only getting it for those games, but we all know you will end up buying other games as well. Buying a revolution from the $150-$200 that it will cost for just four games is rediculous.

[Edit: Yes, you can state your opinion. No, you cannot state your opinion in such an offensive, ignorant, and tactless manner.]

yes, I realize it is your opinion. And I was stating mine. You can state yours, I can state mine. and as far as I know, typing 1/7 of a messege in caps is less calm then my post was.

I can’t let this slide. I need to know how he was being ignorant or offensive in any way whatsoever. He was stating his opinion. Thats all. I think its quite ignorant for you to say that. It’s also offensive for you to say that.

Anyways, back on topic.

I think the Rev is going to be pwnage. Seeing as its Nintendo’s first shot at online gaming, the .net play might be a lil laggy, but I dont mind, seeing as its free all of the time. Unlike Xbox360, and Ps3, which is only going to be free on weekends, unless you buy a 50 dollar XboxLive online pack, Which will only last 1 year, mind you.

The Rev might be the best next-gen system. :smiley:

Um, you do realize that daz edited that, so your basically calling Daz ignorant and offensive(if that’s even an insult :confused: .)

In any case, I don’t think Nintendo would be laggy. It might be their first online system, but I am sure that they will go to all lenghts to make sure their online systems are at least on par with XBox and PS3. Besides, they also have to host a massive classic game library of NES, SNES, and N64 games, and i’m sure they’ll make sure that qulaity for that is top rank as well.

I honestly hope the third party’s come to their senses. The system will be great with Nintendo specific games, but without the multiplatform games, the revo owners will be missing out on a lot.

So far there hasn’t been any negative feedback from any third party developers that have commented in the controller and console.

Things seem to be shaping up well.