The Official Topic of Official Things

We have too many flotsam and jetsam topics that too quickly sink to the bottom of our forum. Sticky this please?
Also, isn’t there a [youtube] tag that can be installed on this forum?

that would mean posting the video on the forum and that is mean to the 56kers

but this is a good idea for a topic

lets see a failure
and a win

0.0 ← watch the whole thing, i don’t care if you need to turn sound off this is just too incredible not to see.

That last one is epic. It reached a certain point, and I was like, oh, that’s just plain badass. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, someone has a lot of talent and exponentially more free time

dont click this

just look at the URL…




I <3 that song lol.

k& in swedish is kinda sounds like cock

so gay ass before gate cock! xD

b4g = bag

Sooo, with what Chagi said…

Gay ASsb4g 8 k&. :O_O:

b4 g8 = before gate

Yes, but that’s nowhere near as cool as the word “assbag”.

gay assbag 8000!
assbags of the future!

We are so childish.

We should grow up.



this is too much fun