The official social communication topic

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That FB photo is frickin’ Creepy…


Forgot to change it back. xD

Ok, much better. changes pants

AIM: CandyManCriminal
Steam: Candy_Man_Criminal

Being social is overrated. Now to get back to my underlit room (which i spend 90% of my day in… school included [Don’t ask me how I can spend 7 hours at school and 90% of my day in my room[Why are there three sets of parentheses in this sentence?]]).

Who needs social com. networks when you have dead forums?

AIM: eviltimaster
Skype: eviltimaster
Steam: timaster735

Contact me and I’ll probably make fun of your religion! :smiley:

Steam: Syntax_Man
Xfire: Syntaxman
Raptr: syntax_man

Same as Ni-----Phlakes, I mean. When you get a friend request from Leo Wood, that’s me.
E-mail is:

I am Dmitri Ravinoff (Dravinoff)

I am severely lacking when it comes to being social on the computer. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I may or may not have an AIM, not that I ever use it. :stuck_out_tongue:

MSN (Do not email me here, I won’t answer. Messenger only.):
Gmail (Email me here. I check this one):
XFire: cloudvaris
Steam: cloudvaris
convenient, eh?

I’d give you my facebook, but hell, I check it about as much as my MSN email.

So one of my friends just said this:

Edit: LMAO the 072 filter is killing the image link…

Skype: derekprince1991
Steam and Xfire screen name: Icarus
Steam and Skype username: derekprince

and you’ve probably guessed by now my name is Derek Prince.