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I know there are some people on these boards that despise of Halo. I did once myself, but ever since the first time I played it, I’ve loved it.

This is off topic but Phazon Infused what is that Avatar? :confused:

its a Guardian from StarCraft

Halo is cool…ive played it for the PC and it isnt bad. Its not just not as good as people say it is. :confused: :confused:

Halo was probibly one of the best FPS games I’ve played in a while until I got Half-Life 2. I disliked Halo 2 though because of many reasons (one of which is personal), so I dunno, I’m on the fence with Halo.

Halo is awesome, despite all the intense haters of the game. It is vastly overrated, but still good. Play if before joining all the CONFORMISTS in knocking it.

Starcraft > Halo > D2 > MP > FF1 > all other games. :slight_smile:

I played Starcraft for a long time last year but it did get boring. Halo and Doom forever.

i don’t like halo for some reason i don’t know even i have not played it

Meh, I love playing it at parties and whatnot, but it doesn’t really offer enough to make want to buy an Xbox for it. I’ll just rely on having friends that own it, because I’m really only interested in the multiplayer. I’ve played single player and it’s no great shakes.


I’m going to get an Xbox 2 when it comes out this fall. It’s supposed to be designed somewhat like the Apple G5, but that’s all I know besides the fact that it’ll be backwards-compatible with Xbox games.

Halo is good, and Halo II is better, but when it starts getting hailed as the best thing since sliced bread, that’s where I disagree.

I liked the first halo waay better than the second one but its surely not the best game availible. Ive really enjoyed resident evil 4, its a really good shooter just not a fps.

Halo is an FPS. And I’m not the biggest fan of FPS’s.

Halo is really fun, but it can not be compared to Metroid Prime. Metroid prime is much, much better.

Single Player: MP>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Halo
Multiplayer: Halo>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MP

Yeah, Halo is good, but I stopped liking it as much once I got Half Life. Once you’ve

played it, you’d understand- its very similar to MP, yet more challenging, and more

original for its time, and, as a bonus you can scare the crap out of little kids with it.

And, I took the liberty of fixing Daz’s list

Ocarina of Time> Half Life> Half Life 2> Metroid Prime> Starcraft> Michael Jackson’s

                                                                                           Moonwalker (really)

i like halo but mp is better
not! halo 2 is better… no offense…