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Gunbound. Discuss. ^.^

For those who don’t play: Take control of one of a bunch of tanks and mountable animals as a customizable avatar, equip yerself with a few powerups, and blow the shit out of anything that moves. It’s a lot deeper and more fun than it sounds. I’d link, but I don’t remember the address–gunbound.something, but I know it’s not .com. .net probably…

Oh, and because I get asked this a LOT over IRC… I go by DazGhenari and DesiGhenari, and yes, Desi is a girl, so stop being all WTF GIRL on me, eh? :smiley:

Mode spam, Daz?


yeah, the link to GB’s website is

I haven’t played in a while.


Mode spam? Buh?

I don’t really know about Gunbound, but aren’t those dudes a bit too cute to be blowing things to pieces?
EDIT: Yay Daz! You got your own special title!

I always have found that hilarious. Cute music and graphics for a deadly war. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll probably try it sometime in the future if I have the time.

Wow people still actually play this game? I used to be pretty good at it, but then it got overrun by hackers >.<. Eventually the people just got too annoying and I quit.

There’s not many hackres any more that I see… but I mostly just play with friends.

The only problem is the statwhores… there’s this REALLY stupid looking costume that gives insane money bonuses, so you see thousands of clones of it. >.<

GunBound > You. All you need to know.
… Uh…yeah. O_O

I used to play that…I was a gold double axe, had chief hair, swat combat, pet-01 and golden lond dream (which everyone liked, I daily got about 5 compliments of “nice golden lond”)…When I played.

I chose a suit nobody else has ever tried…
ph34r teh DELAY SUIT!!1shift11!
oh, and my id is madmechwar

Daz, is that an actual screenshot? If so, is it a sorta RTS game with only one character, you?

Yes, those are real screenshots, but there were two of us there :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you mean by the second question? What’s the gameplay? It’s not an RTS at all… you pick a tank and some equipment to take with you, then shoot the hell out of the other team. You gotta factor in the weight of your selected ammunition, the delay in turns it will cause, the wind direction, and any weather effects… it sounds a bit tiresome and math-heavy, but it’s quite fun.

I’m just annoyed how everyone is identical beyond the newbie server

don’t let it bother you, all it means is you can’t blame the suit for why you lost…

So it’s turn-based? :confused:
Anyway, I’ll try it this weekend.

if anyone is getting on by 4:30, I’ll be in the SCU room, world 12…

It is turn based, yeah.

Anything like Final Fantasy Tactics? I love that game, and I’ve barely started. :smiley: