The Nerd's Revenge Remake

Ah, TKMN2 (To Kill A Mocking Nerd 2)… My brother’s first creation, a crappy ‘classic’ in our friends’ and family’s circle, featuring a ridiculous nerd fighting his way through a library… It’s being remade, but I’m sure you’ve never even knew it existed (if you do, you must have incredible psychic powers that are beyond my belief), by my brother and I. He’s the coder, and I’m the graphic artist. A build engine and several different engines have been made, and all I need to do are all the sprites (Aaargh…), and all the levels and bosses. The only sprite of the Nerd on this forum is in my Sprite Contest thread (the smaller guy on the right). Nothing will be revealed yet.

//Plot (WIP): The Nerd’s PC breaks down. Luckily, he backed up all his stuff on diskettes. But a bunch of bullies beat him up, and left them spread out all over town. He needs to collect all his diskettes and new PC components.

//Gameplay (WIP): Top down gore collect’em up, segmented into levels ending with bosses. You can collect diverse upgrades.

//Suggestions: Please give ideas or comments of any kind. It can be helpful.