the neighbours

well, its that time again. time for new neighbours, moved in just the other day. after the odd couple who moved out last month, i thought i would never have crazy neighbours again. i was rong. these people, whoever they are, are possibly the strangest people ive ever met. but, (dont laugh) i think they are…em…aliens. its kinda obvious. there driveway has airport style lights on either side, ideal for parking a car… or landing spacecraft. and their younglings, are armed with water guns that shoot a strange green goo.( maybe washing soap liquid) or it could be thair corrosive acid. and the man is quite tall for a human. or an alien. the son, like 5 years old, has strange eyes, he could have medical problems…or he could be an andriod built to destroy the human race. and worst of all… the baby. he is the strangest one. he has big, staring eyes, and he looks at me. he looks out of the window. he looks at me from his window, 50 feet from our house. i keep seeing him at the window when i go to bed. then i closed the curtains. then i woke up and he was at his window, staring. he was waching me all night. now i sleep in the guest room because he cannot look at me from there. in the morning, our family whent to welcome them into the area, and the alien mother answered the door, with the baby in her ams. he looked at me again. then he laughed, and when he laughed, me and my friends were scared. the baby is planning to get us. he wants to kill us, and take over the planet. they have a dog to, but they keep him in a cage at night, i think he is an earth dog. my football is in there garden and i am afraid to get it back. what should i do?

I dont beleive in aliens, but i definetly would take cation around them. But since they just moved in, why not take time to get to know them better?? The baby sounds kinda unusual, but the dad’s height is probably just coincidence.

I wouldnt worry too much, i think you have a right to be nervous, but your overreacting.

maybe the water guns thats called ‘ooz blaster’. :slight_smile:

I don’t know whether to take that post as serious or comedic, but judging by the way you worded it, I’ll take it as jokingly.

im serious.

yeahhhh…approches slowly and camly with led pipe

honestly. i belive in aliens and i think the neighbours are. it is true. i have evidence. the driveway, the goo, and the baby. they said the baby was 5 months old. but he must be a mastermind, desguised as a baby. an alien mastermind. its true, now i wanna move to canada. anything to escape there vision. there waching me. i can see it in there eyes. they are aliens!

Or maybe you’re the alien and they’re a crack team sent to keep an eye on you and dispose of you if neccissary. >_>

But seriously, these bogus topics you’re posting recently are borderline spam… Along with alot of other stuff being posted… (cough penguins)

hmm. i thought you were kidding until you went all into it and now… i feel better about reading the crap youve posted, knowing you are insane.

The easiest way to get your football back is to walk over to there house, ask them if you can get your football back, and grab it. But you better do it during the day and with someone by your side, because you never know if they’ll suck you into their “evil, alien” house, full of “dark, mysterious” furniture, and ask you if you’d like some “mind-twisting, acid-filled” tea. Yep. I had some neighbors like that once. But then I killed them. You’d be suprised how many bodies can fit in a U-Haul truck. Good luck!

i really doubt you killed people. the closest ive come to killing is throwing a cash register at thair head, and that was against a theif.

>.> i was teh lies

oh. anyway, im sure that i will never get that ball back. i dont want it in case they touched it. i will get a new one tomorrow.


err… sry, but that bit about them being aliens makes me laugh



The sheer lunacy makes my mind numb.

Walks out of the door