What do you think? Should P2D make a booth? I know that the last one of these things wasn’t that big, butthis one is shaping up alright so far. So again, what do you think?

if they have the personnel to…

who will pay for the booth?

It’s not a real-life expo you know :wink:

Well, if you want to make a booth, go ahead, but I can’t be in charge of it, got work enough already.
If you’re up for the job, go ahead and register. The booth is your responsibility then.

Your’s truly. :slight_smile: And DF, if you were talking to me, I’d be happy to get that up and running.

Yea, I was talking to you :wink:

It’s in your hands now, let us know the progress.

woot. bigger fanbase here we come =]