the metroid font i made


one of those should work. anyway, i spent 20 mins on the font, but i think some of the letters are slightly different shades of white. anyway, wot u guys think?

it even comes with zero mission text box lucky you =)

aww i thought when u said metroid font u meant letters made our of squishy metroids… oh well =(

it looks good for being unoriginal >.>

i made it better

Is there any font file?I could use this in metroid games,crediting you,of course.
and even making you a boss…

i would never make a font file… if i ever made a font it would be in .bmp, because, the truth is, most font converters are shareware, so, you have to end up paying money… if ur gunna make a gammaker game, just set the bitmap up so that it can work as a tileset.

well, theres no file, lol, i dunno how to make font files but im trying.

king metroid
the king of all metroids
this powerfull life form killed 95000 people once. he is more powerfull than jesus and he likes to kill sa-x

has no weak spots. cannot die.

yeah, anyone fell free 2 use the font. just credit me.

pardon my edited out french but f*ck you

what? the king metroid IS more powerfull than jesus. IMO jesus wouldnt last ten seconds in a fight. sorry if i offended anyone, i mean no offense.

That’s impossible to say who is more powerful since none of them exist.

well, thats true, but… would a magic man who heals people really be able to kill the king metroid who CANNOT DIE?

first of all, nothing ‘can not die’. thats a rediculous, retarded idea. esspecially for a creature or boss or character in a game like metroid. its even more fucked up to say that hes more powerfull than jesus, who is real, while king metroid is not. and even if it was, nothing is more powerfull than jesus, so thats just stupid to say.

'nuff said… back on topic plz.

the font looks kind of bland… try adding some jazz to it or something.

yeah someone should imitate the font used in fusion cause i want it! is that already done?

I dont know, so I made this last night. Use it as you want.

no, jesus is not real, he was just made up by an old man who writes books. there is no evidencs that he exists. his existence is impossible. nobody can come back from the dead, and if nothing cannot die, does that mean god will die also? or is he already dead? well he dosent exist either so it dosent matter. but if jesus and the king metroid both existed, the king metroid would simply kill jesus, who is helples because he cannot damage king metroid. the king metroid would suck jesus energy out. if jesus got killed by nails and some wood what makes you think that a metroid wouldnt be able to kill him?



anyway, those fonts look really cool, butch!!! no way i need em for anything though

jebus? the one from madness combat, or was that a typo? anyway, that fusion font is awsome!

Hey, cut the religious argument.


btw, butch has encouraged me to get off my ass and make my own font. visit my sprite thread to see it.

What is up with the religious arguments all the sudden? And what’s the deal with King Metroid getting off the hook for starting the whole damn thing? I mean, he either did it on purpose or out of sheer stupidity, neither of which is exactly ok.

And King Metroid, as people have already stated, it’s pretty bland. It looks just like every other Metroid imitation font I’ve seen.