The Metroid Capitol Planet

Wikipedia said that the Galactic Federation is centered on Earth, but is that really true? And while I’m here, is the F-Zero stuff part of the Metroid galaxy?

No Nintendo series has any relation to any other. F-Zero is on an alternate Earth at a different time.

And while I know Earth was a political center at one time, I’m not sure if it’s the GF HQ.

Yes, the galactic Feds are located as the cetral station on earth according to some mags and will supposedly be revealed in Prime 3

its probably in a different solar system

I kind of agree with Mowat’s theory

I’m pretty sure it’s on Earth on a colony called K2L. (Or is that the Chozo Training Colony?.. Pretty sure its the GF base… :neutral_face:)

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K-2L is Samus’s birthplace–a space colony of Earth which was utterly obliterated by Ridley and the space pirates.