The Legend of Zelda

now, here is what is hapenning outside of nintendo trying to screw us into buying the new system:

people buy like 16 copies of zelda, and sell them on ebay, making a few people pay more, and us not able to get copies.

now, here is the plan, since most of us should hate this since we cannot get a copy, i think that if every person who hates this concentrates thier mind all at once 2 hours from this post, we might be able to instantly make thier heads explode, if only just one person has this happen to them, it will still be worth it, so remember, 2 hours from this post, concentrate on an exploding head.

Okay, for me it will be 11:29.

guys, i think we may have done it, but there is a serious problem!

just on ebay there are over 380 zelda games for gamecube for sale, that makes a bunch of a-holes we have to kill!

if you happen to think of a faster way, please post

(btw, best of luck to you getting your own fairly priced copy)

We need to finish the interbeam, which shoots though the internets, to hit them.

oooh boooy… mega dazzy alert! seriously, why start a topic you know is going to get locked?im sure daz will agree with me for once.

maybe we should start writing all the names down, or at least some kind of ID from these guys…

Saying that is setting yourself up for a telling off (hey, I know this better than everyone, but I hope im not doing it now). Still, I think this is a decent reason to start a thread. After all, this is also happening with PS3’s. Going for $30,000 on average is quick money. But just wondering, how much are these Zelda’s going for?

My solution to the problem… was waiting 7 hours in line on launch day.

i am simply going to wait it out for christmas, i dont feel like going through so much hassle.

i heard about the 30k ps3, crazy stuff.

so just wondering, if you lost your little card that says you reserved it, do they keep you on file so you can still get it with some ID?

Man, if video game money was that easy to get.
@smartdude:Probably not, the guys at the store take the unreserved ones and sell 'em on E-bay probably.


i think you may be right…

i still dont see it available on the walmart website.

Wow… amount of trouble I had to go through to get Zelda: TP for Wii:
1.) Show man my ticket (they passed them out to garantee Wiis, you know… yeah)
3.) Waited for his yes (OMG! WASTED 2 SECONDS!)
4.) Wait in line…

yeah, the wii version isn’t quite as bad as the cube one, nintendo is trying to sell the new system, lol.


ima be playing for awhile…

…see you guys (and the sun) in a couple months…

alright, nevermind, im done with twilight princess, only been 5 days or so.

wasn’t NEARLY as good as i hoped it would be, plus no replay value, so i am very sad right now.

What the F*** is your problem twilight princess is friggin awsome’ it isn’t like a nintendoified version of Halo 2 which didn’t live up to Halo. Twilight Princess PWND every Video game ever made to date.

In your opinion.

damn right. but lets not forget that it is simmilar to ocarina of time, it is pretty much ocarina of time 2. the new stuff in there OWNS. the only thing wrong is… nope, cant fault it on anything.

about the 30k ps3, what kind of ass would pay that much for a friggin game console?

I received a Princess of Twilight for Christmas…Gamecube, as Wii’s weren’t available and they cost 500+ dollars on Amazon. I am not freakishly obsessed with playing that game, so I have yet to finish it…, I’m in the Temple of Time and just defeated the Darknut…which rocked. I am sorry to say that the attempt to mentally blow up those naughty greedy money making people’s heads failed. It was a nice try though!

(P.S. There are currently FOUR, yes FOUR, computers in the room I am in now.)

Huh. That’s different. Usually if I go into a topic to lock it, it’s because a good topic turned spammy, but thsi one seems to be a spam topic turned semi-good.

I have no idea how to react to this one. >_> Guess I leave it be.

And Syntax, fuck off. People don’t have to agree with you.

And Smartdude, fuck off. TP owns. >___>;;

Sorry. Had to.

Seriously though, no replay? WTF? I beat it in three days and have played it every day since nonetheless because there’s so much left to do. O.o