The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

I finally got this game and I must say its the best Zelda game ever! It reminds me a whole lot of OCC in that its a vast land to explore with jungles and mountains and a HUGE landscape. When I first started playing I thought the storyline couldnt be more like MP2. But as I played more through the game I saw that it was much better (in my opinion) than that of MP2. All of the challenges in the game seem to be quite balanced out, and where theres a new ability, theres a new enemy.

The visual effects blew me away, with each addition to the zelda, Metroid and other similar series, the visual effects get more and more advanced. I loved the Twilight world the most because of the atmosphere, its so…erie. But at the same time you dont want to leave it. The bloom effects in the game are great, they really make the world come to life. I was also happy to see more detailed animation.

The gameplay in this game is the best ive encountered so far in this genre. Getting to ride Epona (Links horse) and other animals. I was baffled at many of the puzzles in the all of the great dungeons. And of course this game had it’s comic parts. My favorite character in the game is the Yeti ^^. Though Ooccoo was quite entertaining also. I havent even beat the game yet, though I suspect I am very close to the end. Im currently nearing the boss at the Twilight Palace, though I found the Big Door, I seem to have missed the Big Key >_>. Im sure I will find it soon though. I cant wait to see what big juicy ending there is in store for me! Though at the same time I will be sad to see such a great game end. Well, thats all I have to say about this game for now, how bout you?

Thank god. For a minute there I thought you were dissing it. Yes it is awesome, the effects were astounding, but people argue that it was better on the gamecube version. I played both of them (beat it on the cube, tried a demo on Wii) and I just can’t pick a side, they were both great.

TP is definitely a buyer, and one of the most fantastical Zelda games to date. Let’s hope they come out with a sequel so we can have more refurbished link/zelda/midna/epona/ganon/that weird guy who stands on the corner begging for money action. :smiley:> :smiley:> :smiley:>

Put Oocoo in Duck Hunt and I’ll be happy. Oocoo Sky City reminded me of Namek in DBZ, especially the shop… TP is absolutely great, and I just wished it was longer… Ah, the yeti dungeon was my favourite: I almost tasted that soup and the cosiness of the first rooms… That evil hand really stressed me out, but I somehow made it glitch and managed to get the orbs back. A great game, and you NEED to get it if you haven’t got it. But now I’m sure that everybody on this forum has at least played it. Even own it.

Wow, that’s like six-month bumpage going on there. Seriously, wow.

I do NOT want a direct sequel to Princess. I do NOT want another game involving Twilight, and the ridiculously over-popular Midna. I enjoyed the game very much, but it was not awesome enough to deserve a direct sequel.

I disliked the lack of towns and people as the game went on. I know it seems like a lame complaint, but its true. Ocarina, the greatest Zelda game of all time, so says the multitude had a ton of towns and different people. There was Kokiri Village, Lon Lon Ranch, Hyrule Castle Town (And the castle) Kakariko Village, Goron City, Zora’s Domain, Gerudo Fortress. And then, there was the whole time-traveling aspect which almost doubled the size.

Princess was severely lacking in towns. There was Ordon, Kakariko and Hyrule Castle Town. The Goron place was NOT a town, just a bunch of Gorons standing around. And the Zora place was even worse. The whole thing was just them floating in a pool of water. I know it seems like a minor problem, but since the story was kind of different it would have helped if I knew who exactly I was fighting for. I just felt very alone the whole time, and all of the extra side-characters seemed two-dimensional and irrelevant.

There are more complaints, but I would figure they are obvious, easy bosses, Heart Pieces to easy, blah blah blah.

(P.S. Is it possible to be dictable?)

I will stab everyone ever if there’s a sequel. No Zelda game I know and love is going to have a sequel.

Does Shiva ever do anything BUT necropost?

Meanwhile, Zora’s River in OOT was… just a bunch of Zoras standing around. Gerudo Fortress wasn’t any more of a town than Impaz’s place in TP. Lon Lon was two buildings and three people.

And at least TP actually had a filled overworld. OOT’s was fairly large, and had NOTHING in it. A ranch in the center, TWO TYPES OF ENEMIES per era–one of which only appears in certain conditions, and only about three of the ‘common’ enemy…

Oh, there were a few fences…

TP, on the other hand, had a massive field, full of variance in the terrain, full of enemies of all sorts that actually evolved as the game went on…

They both had terribly boring and empty towns, but TP at least had a good overworld and dungeons.

And Castle Town was about as large as every “town” in OOT, unless you stretch it to try to include things like Lon Lon.

Never mind the fact that you apparently completely missed some of TP’s “towns” anyway. Either that or you’re just discounting tiny ones to prove your point, ignoring that OOT had some just the same.

Castle Town certainly wasn’t that large in TP, plus the camera angles were absolutely awful. It looked bigger, but overall was not much, if at all larger than the one in OOT.

As for the Overworld having stuff…uh no. Princess was way worse overworld wise. Instead of one large boring map it had a TON of huge boring maps. Seriously, huge chunks of the game would be taken up just riding your horse around these NEW areas…that were just empty space.

Zora’s River in OOT was an actual town. It had a shop, it had numerous levels and a few side-quests. Goron Village in TP was a room with a few Gorons.

How is Gerudo’s Fortress not a town? There are dozens of Gerudo’s, tons of things to explore and some decent side-quests. Impaz, after killing the enemies had only one reason to return to it, one of the 45 Heart Pieces in an irritating but easy mini-game. It was considerably less awesome.

Tiny Towns? Like what? Sky Town, which was a dungeon with a shop? Impaz which was inhabited by an old lady and twenty cats? I didn’t think those counted. I do apologize for the Ranch, that isn’t a town. But another point was the time-traveling aspect which completely changed all the towns…removing some (Gorons and Zoras got owned) and adding others (Kakariko turned into a city, and the Gerudos were opened.) That was a really neat aspect. On the other hand, the Twilight technically didn’t change anything except people’s forms, and played a less interesting part in the game then I originally thought.

And seriously, what’s up with Shiva?

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Er, as opposed to Oot’s Castle town? <_<

I PM’d them about it a few days ago.

The Hyrule Fields from both games (OoT and TP–everybody forgets MM anyway) take about as long to travel through, and both games let you skip that by teleporting. Almost nothing other than enemy encounters and a few rare events happen in them, and they’re pretty much wastelands with heroic music.

TP’s castle town does have the illusion of a not-horribly-endangered-and-about-to-go-extinct world population, though, with those hundreds of homeless people swarming around by day.