The Force Unleashed II

Apparently the trailer was put up in December, but I only just found it. So HOLY SHIT.
How is he alive? And what in hell was that big-ass monster that wrecked that Rancor? …and yay Yoda!

Who is that in the trailer?

It’s bullshit. That’s how I would sum up Force Unleashed II.


Seriously, he was dead at the end of the first one. Or he was Palpatine’s bitch, take your pick. Either way, there’s not much room for making a sequel. Complete bull, IMO.


There are also a lot of things that bug me about that trailer. First off, whatever that big thing is, it’s moronic. I don’t mean that in the sense of “That thing is stupider than a rancor” but rather “what idiot thought that this was a good idea?”

Here’s my reasoning: if there was something that huge in proportion to a rancor, wouldn’t we have seen one by now in the Star Wars universe? I’m sorry, I know that they have to keep reinventing the formula and all that crap, but there is a limit. You can’t just say “Oh, btw, there’s this thing that’s totally more badass than a rancor.” and then feature it in a setting where it’s obviously in captivity. I mean, seriously. If those motherfuckers had been running around way back when, I think Jabba probably would’ve invested in one of those rather than a rancor, which these things can destroy just by stomping on them.

Another thing that REALLY bugged me was that the apprentice had not one, but two BLUE lightsabers. Why would they reinvent the character’s style like that? There is no good reason, IMO. In terms of canon, the apprentice had absolutely no need to change his style and his default blade color. The red lightsaber characterized the apprentice from the very start. You knew that he was a sith because of it.

My biggest complaint is the fact that they changed his combat style, and very drastically. The apprentice used a reverse-grip form of Form VII of lightsaber combat. Sure, he was well versed in all seven forms, and was also proficient in Form V and Form III as well, but all three of those forms use a single blade as a standard. The fact that they made it so the apprentice is using what looks to be a modified form of Form IV, they completely changed everything we knew about the character.

Just saying, not digging the Force Unleashed 2. Especially after the first one turned out to be a generic Star Wars game with the force powers hopped up on steroids.

The first thing Yoda says, is “Death, is a natural part of life.” So obviously, he did die, but maybe he was brought back, or reincarnated through the force? And yeah, whatever that thing was in the video, was e-freaking normous. I’d be scared to death if I saw one. I’m sure it existed in the SW universe before this game though. I’m all for it. I loved TFU.

might be a rancor variant

The first one sucked, the second probably will too.

you just hate everything =P

Francis, is there anything you don’t hate?

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oh know i know why i’m so lost… this is a sequel… lol

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yeah, thats right
i said what everyone was thinking

He’s right, you know. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry, I think the premise is bullshit, and thus, so is the game.

Oh, btw, you all just lost.

The first one was great… until you beat it.

They need to include the following:

Longer Campaign Missions
Longer Campaign
More to do AFTER you beat the game
Maybe different saber styles, which I have hope for since he held two sabers in the trailer. Saber styles like… regular, backward (first game), dual, or double bladed. And different unlockable combos for each style.

An online multiplayer would be VERY interesting…could be amazing if they do it right.

My guess is the emperor and vader put his body into one of those pod things and shipped him out to wherever the fuck he floats to. Yoda finds the pod on Dagobah, senses a faint life signal strong in the force, and helps him get healthy again. And it goes from there.

But Swan I don’t see why you hate this idea so much…It’s better than nothing. That game was a shit load of fun. A sequel with some fixed things here and there, some new features, and a good story would be great. And I think we are getting just that. I really look forward to hearing about any new features. And the big fucking Rancor thing looks sweet. I thing Swanny’s just grumpy… :3

I am a little grumpy. :stuck_out_tongue:

But no, I think that the first one was really not that good. They took Star Wars and somehow managed to twist it into a homogenized generic game.

I think the thing that bugged me the most was that they tried to take the entire Star Wars saga and cram it into a 10 hour game. While that’s a great idea in concept, it fails in reality. Pacing was a real issue with plot in Force Unleashed 1, and nothing was really explained. How was it that this child was this strong with the force? Why didn’t his father do a better job of hiding him from the Empire? I mean, c’mon, Kashyyk is the Empire’s bitch throughout the Galactic Civil War. One would assume it would be a bad idea to hide there. How did Vader manage to keep his existence so ridiculously secret, and then suddenly, oops, your cover is blown, too bad, guess I have to kill you.

That’s another thing. Way too many plot twists. It was ridiculous. Oh wait, he’s not really dead, Vader made it look like he was dead, don’t worry, but now you’ve got to go into hiding as a Jedi. But wait, now I’m gonna join the other side, and Vader is now my mortal enemy even though he trained me from when I was 5 years old. Oh, btw, the Death Star is already built, even though the alliance is still just forming. COME ON. Oh, and then at the very end, he’s actually dead, but wait, the game sold so well that we’re gonna come up with a twist that makes it so he’s actually still alive. NOT OKAY.

And I think it’s really stupid that they can just toss in a bigger, better monster that can eat a Rancor for lunch. Again, why didn’t Jabba the Hutt have Luke fight one of those badasses instead of a pussy little Rancor, then? I’m just saying, just because you work for the company that owns the franchise, it does not give you creative license to toss whatever the fuck you want in there to make the main character look awesome. There is a code you have to abide by, and part of that code is to not toss in a random huge monster that makes the current huge monster look like an ant, especially when the story you’re trying to tell happens in between other events that have already been established that involve the smaller, less impressive huge monster.

I’m done now. :stuck_out_tongue:

The first one was fun, and had a great story.

It was nothing close to the entire Star Wars saga crammed into a 10 hour game. It was a small portion of the Star Wars saga crammed in a 10 hour game. It did not at all fail.

The child was just born, strong in the force. Shit happens. Look at Anakin.
Kento was on Kashyyk in the Clone Wars, and the Wookies wanted to hide them because Kento was their friend.

It was only the beginning of the Galactic Civil War. They have been hiding there for years, so it’s common sense to stay. You hide somewhere, then you get surrounded with eyes and ears almost everywhere. Do you stay where you are, able to survive? Or try to run with the slimmest chance of making it out alive?

I’m pretty sure that the entire thing was planned out, with the Emperor being aware and all. Vader found a child who is very powerful, and talks to the Emperor about him. What are they gonna say? Lets kill the bastard? No… they are going to say, lets raise him to do the shit we don’t feel like doing.

There is nothing wrong with plot twists. You are insulting something that makes a good story.

The Death Star was not built from day one. It took years to build the fucking thing. TFU took place before Leia even had tits. The only time we see the Death Star fully operational is when Luke and Leia are 20ish. Leia was like 10 or 11 here.

And about a sequel, as long as they can cover it up with a decent excuse, then I don’t care how he survived.

Whatever that bigass thing was, it was a big fucking monster. No idea, but it’s always nice to see the biggest, baddest beast get fucked up by something bigger, and badder. Jabba probably didn’t have one because it was probably semi-impossible to capture alive, save for keeping the fucking thing as a pet.

The Rancor only appeared in Return Of The Jedi. So this does not take place in between other events that involve the Rancor.

I’m not trying to go against ya Swanny, you’re just hating on a game for the reasons that make it interesting and entertaining. So I am defending it…

Except there were definitely Rancors in KotOR

Thats true…
But that was like SO 4000 years ago…


Maybe all of those bigass underwater fish in The Phantom Menace and 4 Bull Rancors mated and had a ten-some. And this thing is the offspring mutated by phazon and put on steroids.

Oh, I’m gonna have fun with this, Rundas. Sorry, I’m a super Star Wars nerd, and excuse me if I come off as rude. My excuse is exhaustion. :stuck_out_tongue:

It felt as if they tried to replicate the Saga’s plot into one sitting to me. It didn’t work. That’s just my opinion, though.

Few discrepancies there. Anakin was the Chosen One. The secret apprentice (A.K.A. Galen Marek, I believe is his name) wasn’t. Being powerful enough to kick Vader’s ass and then the Emperor’s right afterward shouldn’t work like that, simply because the apprentice is not nearly as powerful as Vader. With Luke, it makes sense because of that little fact that he’s Anakin’s son. I would’ve figured Kento would want to get out of there at the end of the Clone Wars. I mean, the clones exterminated everyone else. I’d want to go somewhere where there was absolutely no influence from the Republic/Empire.

Vader kept trying to “hide” the child from the Emperor. I don’t think it was planned by the two of them, IMO.

ONE plot twist is fine. TFU had, like, four. Not okay.

The apprentice was found after Anakin became Darth Vader. He appears to be around 18-ish when the game’s events take place, putting him right into the pivotal formation of the Alliance, i.e. Leia is around the same age. This is something that bothered me extremely with the plot in TFU. Bail Organa was talking about organizing a resistance at the end of Episode III, for Christ sakes. One would think you’d be able to get the thing in full swing by now. It’s been 18 fucking years.

Another discrepancy. Leia and the other leaders get trapped on the Death Star. So why is this thing such a surprise in Episode IV? God.

I honestly think they’ll come up with some bullshit excuses that doesn’t make sense, but you’ve got me there. We’ll have to wait and see. :smiley:

My point with the whole “Jabba/Rancor” bit is simply that you can’t toss something bigger and better into the timeline if the story you’re telling happens earlier in the timeline than another event that established the former big monster as the most formidable monster in the galaxy. It’s BS, in my opinion. They want another thrill, and I think that presenting it in that form is stupid.

My biggest issue with what is sure to become known as the “TFU Series” is that there are so many conflicting plot points with the rest of the Star Wars timeline. The devs got so wrapped up in their “Big bad Star Wars game” that they stopped caring about how many plotholes this shit had. If you want to make a Star Wars game where force powers are through the fucking roof, place the plot somewhere in the timeline that hasn’t been explored/established yet. If they had placed this idea before or after the movie timeline, I would’ve been perfectly happy with it, because they would’ve been able to come up with a solid plot that fits the Star Wars mold without raping every other canon story in that part of the time line with plotholes.

I understand that I’m nitpicking. I just feel like unloading some unhealthy anger on something that I can genuinely despise due to my distaste with the first one. :stuck_out_tongue: