The First Game You Ever Played

Wizards & Warriors2 for the NES for those who dont know it
it wasnt that great and it was too hard
but it was good times

the original super mario brothers… aaah that game rocked

SMB3 was one of the greatest NES games ever crafted. Its only rivals were Metroid, Castlevania 3, and Megaman 4. Now I use emulators to relive the glory days, because some of that stuff is just too hard without save states.

SMB3 is the number one selling NES game, being sold out even months after it was released. The GBA remake was also sold out but only for weeks after. It’s one of the NES’ most popular games.

Megamn 4? Megaman 2 and 3 were better in my opinion. i throughly beat megaman 4 to a pulp. Unlike Megaman 2 :blush: Uh well atleast the fortess music in 4 was awesome.

Super Mario Brothers 1 on the Nintendo. Those were good times. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

GB’s Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

God knows why I’m still a gamer after encountering that.

I guess it’s because it was just so unique so I didn’t realize it sucked, all I knew was that moving pixes around was fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

Then I got Jurassic Park for GB a few days later and my fate was sealed. :smiley:

I loved those too. In fact, Megaman 2 was the first console game I ever played. I just had better times bashing bosses in MM4. Pharoah Man was IMPOSSIBLE back then.

Super Mario Bros. For SNES :smiley: beat it pretty darn quick too… :naughty:

can’t remember

either smw(snes) or LoZ:LttP(snes)

I’m in love with Super Mario Bros. DX for GBC. Simply because there’s a lot more replay value.

My first game that I ever played was Mario Kart 64, then Starfox 64. I remember having a blast with those.

I see you skipped over the 32bit era. But then again, I skipped over the 16bit era as well.

Super Mario Bros.(NES) Was my first game. :slight_smile:

it was either Super Mario (NES version, forget wut it was actually called) or the Legend of Zelda: A Link To the Past

Zelda: A Link to the Past was a great game. :slight_smile:

ya, it was the first zelda game i ever played, and i didn’t even know that there were any before or after it. i thought it was a one time game. gosh i was retarded back then.

It was my first game sighs Good Times! :stuck_out_tongue:

I THINK it was Classic Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo Entertainment System. I also just HAPPEN to think that it was Sonic for the Sega, but I’m not quite sure…

Tekken for the Playstation. I loved it. I got into Metroid a few years ago when I got Fusion for christmas. ('01)