The Demo was fun. How do I reach that ledge? [Solved]

Good job to the people who have/are working on it. It’s crazy seeing how far back some of these topics go.

I am a bit curious: there’s ledge to the left of Samus’ ship, and it feels so close that I have to wonder, is it possible to reach with a well timed bomb double jump? I tried and got right next to the ledge, but I can’t coordinate myself to try un-morphing fast enough to ledge grab. It’s also similar to the Hi-Jump Boots skip, which makes me more suspicious it can be done. Maybe there’s nothing up there, though.

I saw a Speed Booster icon elsewhere, but haven’t found the power up, so I’m guessing either that or some kind of hi-jump boots will get me there.

I’m not a huge fan of mouse aiming, but I managed to get over it. Hopefully, if the project continues, some control options can be incorporated.