The Controls

I’m wondering what the controls will be. Are they going to customizable? How will aiming be done? Will there be lock-on, and if not, what about grappling?

Personally, I’d like something like this:

H - Jump, Boost
G - Fire Beam, Bomb
Y - Fire Missile, Power Bomb
T+Arrow - Beam Switch
F+Arrow - Visor Switch
J+Up - Aim Up Diagonally
J+Down - Aim Down Diagonally
J - Spider Ball
C or V - Map
N - Menu
Up - Aim Up, Unmorph
Down - Aim Down (in Air), Duck, Morph
Left - Move Left
Right - Move Right

I don’t know where to put the grapple beam though, Maybe F+Something or T+Something?

Anyway, this how I normally play games. Put your left pinky on C, V or F, ring finger on G, middle on H, and index on J or N. The right hand fits on the arrow keys, and it’s pretty comfortable.

I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to program them yourself.

Yeah if there’s game pad suppourt I believe a customizable key input option would be a good idea.

Either you have somehow mutated a third hand, or you got the most retarded finger set-up :O_O: That is anything but comfortable.

The controls will be fully customisable. I don’t know how beam and visor switching will happen (4 keys or 1), you’ll just have to wait until CFX stops by this topic.

How about a visor and beam selection keyboard layout similar to the GameCube controller layout? i.e. ‘w’, ‘s’, ‘z’, ‘a’ for visor selection and something like ‘i’, ‘k’, ‘m’, ‘j’ for beam weapon selection. Four keys devoted to each grouping’s selection. Eight keys in total plus however the fully customizable controller API fits in.

MetEngine has the following input events to control games:

MetEngine Event…P2D Control…Assigned key

PrimaryWeapon…Fire Beam/Lay Bomb…S
SecondaryWeapon…Fire Missile/Lay P.Bomb…W
SecondaryMovement…Toggle Morphball…D
CharacterMotion…Move Samus…Arrows
Auxiliar Key 1…Diagonal Aim/Target…Shift (+up/down) to select angle
Auxiliar Key 2…Scan/Grapple/Spiderball…Spacebar
Inventory Key 1…Switch Visors…Q (+ arrows)
Inventory Key 2…Switch Beams…E (+ arrows)

However, the controls are 100% customizable.

Thankyou CoreFusionX. Most helpful indeed.

Ciao for now.

Wow, that looks a LOT better than the last scheme I saw for it. Win job, mate.

It would be real nice to be able to make the controls fully customizable. I already have a real good scheme for all my emulators that works real well for metroid.

Personally, I’m more fond of ducking+morphball than having a seperate button for it. Just my opinion.

072, people have discussed this dozens of times. None of you duck-ball lovers ever seem to consider: How in the fuck do you propose spiderball will work if you morph that way?

After 5 minutes of thought, I still have no idea what you mean. >_>

Well, same way as in Metroid 2: Return of Samus: When you activate the spiderball, then the morphball is ‘locked.’ And anyway, it doesn’t matter whether or not it doesn’t lock, I’m sure that you could just use left and right to travel…because that’s basically how the spiderball works…even when traveling up and down, it’s basicaly moving left and right, too, if you can turn your head a 45 degree angle (painful).

CFX had a reason it couldn’t work like in M2. I don’t remember what it was, but I suggested that and he said no.

My controls don’t work…

Odd, I’m fairly sure you would be able to lock it with a simple variable…
press down button for spider ball, set variable wtfyouwanttocallit to a number.
when you press up, check if variable wtfyouwanttocallit is the number you set it to. If it is, it will do the normal spider ball action. If it’s not, it will go into crouch position. There’s more to it then that, but that’s the basic idea.
When you release the key for spider ball, variable is set to zero again. So when you press up, it will just crouch.

But I personally think it’s better this way.

I personally like GBA. After playing on the demo i was disappointed it had the SNES control of seperate buttons to aim diagonally. I like ducking to morph ball too. And what Metroid game did you not duck to morph? In the 3D games you CANNOT duck so of course they had to have another button to morph but its just my opinion. I like Cloud’s idea also. Since I think GML supports booleans, you can have something like this:

/* Hey noobs this is how you create a boolean. */

unmorph = true
morphball = true;
spiderball = true;
//If you're in Morph ball mode and you're using spider ball
if (morball = true && spiderball = true)
//You cannot morph back
unmorph = false
if (unmorph = false && keyboard_check(vk_up))
//If you are using Spider ball and you press up you go up
Samus_x = Samus_y - 5

or somethign like that (and better written)

No, it doesn’t. If you say “something = true;”, all you’re doing is setting “something” to the value of 1. You could easily go ahead and set it to 42.36 afterwards if you want. GM has only one variable type :confused:

And also, there’s an error in your code. “Samus_x = Samus_y - 5” should in fact be something along the lines of “Samus_y -= 5”, right? I don’t think we need the x value flying all over the place :wink:

But yeah, you got the idea across of how one would go about doing that. If statements and variables are your friends…