The Conduit

Whenever I go online it sometimes lock up my concil and it make a buzzing sound and I can’t do anything its just stuck there. My concil has not come up with a trouble system error thing let, but I think it the game.

Firstly, learn to spell. Second, learn proper grammar. Thirdly, can’t help you.


Indicator of
to much WoW

make th disc staticy

thats all i got xD

:unamused: Fuck, I hit the wrong key for Console, twice and IT’S.

Problem FIX, Can someone delete this Topic PLEASE?

My dad was on the internet and I was online, so when I went to get offline that’s when it lock up, due to a Cell Phone interfering with the Wii’s signal to the Router.


Much better, dude.

Also, glad to see you got it fixed.

You forgot 2 'ed’s at the end of fix and lock. But yeah, it’s fine. I’m just a grammar nazi.

Wow. That’s space age technology. Cell phones raping your Wii. Wireless.

Yeah, well it happens with me and my mom’s laptops and our mac.



I guess we have better standards than you then.
Swedish power cord ← You can’t unplug these by accident. It takes some power to remove them.
Swedish phone plug <–Same goes for these. You just put the RJ11 connector straight into the wall, right?

That goes for cars and houses too. I’ve watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition so I know how easy they fold like card houses.
And just look at all the Hollywood action movies, where all the cars explode if someone as much as farts near them. :wink:

Just take a look at Euro NCAP.

Don’t feel sorry. You could move to Sweden and learn how to use ??, ?? and ??, like in “?h, jag ?lskar ?l.” (Oh, I love beer.) And you will be able to use all your wireless stuff at the same time. Including cellphones.
And we have three glassed windows as standard so you don’t have to freeze. I saw in Extreme Makeover Home Edition that you don’t have that in the US. That sucks.

Well. Don’t hate me for feeling sorry for you. Just learn some swedish and move here instead. You’ll like it. :smiley:>

No, ours are the same.

I’ve never accidentally unplugged a power cable, either.

I’m not gonna lie, though, American cars suck. Japanese cars ftw!

I might just take you up on that offer. I’m planning to move somewhere in europe when i grow up anyway :smiley:

It’s ok I just forget to put the ed and somethings on words. I mean everyone makes mistakes right?

Dang those power cords are different from ours.