The Conduit

“Most Wii Games look like crap. With Conduit, we are making a Wii game that looks like a 360 title.” -Developer
'Bout time.

I’m really looking forward to this one.

Reminds me of Deus Ex, judging by just the screenshot.


Well It looks like a mid-end 360 game, I mean the chipset can do it but it still won’t have the HD models but it does look good, more than the Wii version of Dead Rising can say >_>

It looks good. I’m gonna get it, for sure. This is the kind of Wii Title we’ve been waiting for. I have just one question: Will Conduit push the Wii to the limits? Cause I’m pretty sure that the Wii can kick the graphics up a bit more than that.

Well, I think it’ll probably max out the GPU at points, but I agree it could be prettier. However that end of pretty comes from graphic design, which this game seems to be taking from Halo :S

It probably will get better. I mean, they still have over 9 months to add some stuff and polish the graphics, plus everything always looks better in motion.

Well, yeah, but everything just looks so generic, most games look pretty similar to their final builds quite a way back in production :<

Very true. Well, either way, it’ll be good that the Wii gets the FPS it deserves.

Well, Prime didn’t. A lot of Halo didn’t either. So…mabey this will folow the path taken by them.

I will kill everyone ever who ever types “mabey” again.







Whoa, Tim. You okay?

Sorry, pet peeve.

Ah, I see. Anyway, so…Conduit. I’m gonna look up the plot in a second, but can anyone fill me in beforehand?

You want a story? here’s a story for you: there are some enemies…SHOOT THEM

Eh, it’ll work for now. But this game does look really awesome. Definitely on my To-Buy list.

Graphically it doesn’t look bad, but it looks incredibly generic to me. Guy in some sort of super suit walking around killing aliens. What else is there to say? However I won’t complain due to the Wii’s lack of hardcore games, and at this age it’s pretty much a “take whatever you can get” scenario.

They could mebey put a lot of cool game mechanics in, but, to be honest, they probably won’t.


Well, the “All-Seeing Eye” looks pretty interesting. It might be what separates this game from your generic FPS. Then again, it does look a lot like a portable handheld X-Ray Visor :>_>: